Full Disclaimer: PLEASE DON'T SKIP!

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This book is based upon Greek Mythology, but some things will be changed for the sake of the story. These things will become evident throughout the story. Please be aware of this as you choose this story. A few small examples of this may be certain Gods or Goddesses being more powerful than they were displayed throughout the myths or some of the stories told about certain Gods being a bit different than they were originally written. For example, in this story, Aphrodite and Ares never conceived any children, as that would throw off some of the themes in this tale. Instead, Gods like Eros just sort of 'appeared'. I also have made the decision to change a few other things, such as making the kidnapping of Persephone consensual. This is because I don't want to romanticize nonconsent. All this being said, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy! 

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