Episode 2, Chapters 4-6

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Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason

by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Episode 2

Chapters 4-6


The Weekend Team

Amy Carpenter, Ann Luxley, and Carlita Lopez met early Monday morning in the supply room washing area to gather the things they needed to begin their work day.

"I wish these weekend workers would stop leaving their last wash loads in the dryer for us to fold and put away for them," Ann said as she pulled a stack of towels out of one of the dryers. She plopped them on the folding table and began folding them vigorously. "I have a mind to report them to management."

"And aren't they supposed to refill all the cleaning bottles with cleaning supplies for the Monday morning team?" Amy asked, picking up two empty bottles and two half-empty bottles of liquid cleanser from off the shelf.

"Yes. They are supposed to. They have been neglecting their duties for weeks now. If we don't say anything to management, they are going to continue taking advantage of us," Ann said.

"Buenos dias, amigas," Carlita said hurrying in. "Who's going to continue taking advantage of us? Are we in trouble?"

"No," Amy said. "The weekend team keeps leaving towels and sheets in the dryers instead of folding them up and putting them away as they are supposed to."

"And not only in the dryer. They have left things in the washing machines before," Ann said. "I'm tired of doing their work."

"Many hands make light work," Carlita said as she picked up a towel and started helping with the folding.

Ann shot her a questioning look. "When you don't do your work and others have to take time out of their schedule to do your work for you it is taking advantage of the other person. That's not showing respect for your fellow workers."

Carlita smiled. "It might be taking advantage of us, but I have a better name for it. I call it lazy, slothful, not thinking of others."

"Mmm. I like slothful better," Ann said.

"Me, too," Amy said as they laughed.

"Amigas, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, my people will be putting on a fiesta in the community park this Saturday from two until the last person leaves," Carlita said. "There will be all kinds of Mexican food like tacos, tortillas, burritos, frijoles, tamales, pan dulce. There will be all kinds of drinks like batido de fruta."

"Batido de what? What's that?" Amy asked.

Carlita smiled. "That's fruit milk shake. And jugo de pina; that's pineapple drink. And lots of sweets for the children. We'll even have someone playing Mexican games with the children."

"I'd better brush up on my Spanish, then," Amy said. "Hola. Gracias. Muy bien. How's that? Where can I get a Spanish dictionary?"

"No need to," Carlita said as the friends laughed. "The best way to learn is to pick it up as you interact with the folks. There will be Mexican music and dancers will be dancing. We're going to be dressed up in our native dresses. It will be a grand time. Por favor. I want you to come. Will you? And bring your family and friends. There will be no charge to come. You will only have to pay for food, but the prices will be half what you would pay for it at a restaurant. Plus, you can always haggle your price. My family will be setting up a booth with food and other things. My mother and her sisters went to Mexico and brought back some other things that they will be selling. It's going to be a festive time. I'll have sombreros for all of you, including the children. If you want, bring a blanket for siesta—afternoon nap."

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