Episode 3, Chapters 7-9

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Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason

by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Episode 3

Chapters 7-9


Carlita's Story

"Did you run into Mr. Bible Man today?" Ann asked Amy when they passed each other in the hallway later that day as they made their rounds.

Amy laughed. "No. I believe he checked out. But I was waiting for him armed and ready," she said, grabbing up a spray bottle and pretending to spray its contents into the air.

When Ann, Amy, and Carlita met up in the laundry room later that evening they had a laughing time as they, in between washing and folding towels, shared stories about the actions of men who tried to proposition them and others.

"I just can't believe what you are telling me," Amy said. "I'm naive to all of this. In my country, from what my mother has shared with me, if a man wants to talk with an unmarried woman with the intent on marrying her, he has to go through that young woman's parents. He cannot just walk up to her and say whatever."

"I wish it was that way in America," Ann said. "Men just don't respect women like they used to. You have to demand that respect from them."

"Sometimes it's in how you carry yourself," Carlita said. "If you keep your eyes looking straight ahead, ignore them, and let them know that you are about business and that you have no time for them and don't let them just say anything to you, for the most part they will leave you alone."

"For the most part," Ann said. "But you have those who will see your ignoring them as an even bigger challenge. They will see you as a prey worth pursuing. They see themselves as the hunter and you are the hunted. And they play this game of walking you down, so to speak. They play this game of trying to see how quickly they can tire you out. They say little things and do little actions over and over to wear you down until you give in to them. This has been going on since the beginning of time."

"What kind of little things?" Amy asked.

"Let me think," Ann said scratching her head.

"I have one," Carlita said. "This church had a two-week conference here a while back. This was before you started working here. I tell you: church people can be so demanding at times. I have never experienced such a demand for clean towels and bed linen."

"And coffee," Ann said with a chuckle. "I thought they were going to put coffee growers and coffee makers out of business."

"I have never washed so many towels or changed so many dirty linens since I've been working here," Carlita said with a laugh. "Anyway, this one man, everyday he would put out the 'do not disturb' sign. He would call the front desk and have a list of things he wanted one of the maids to bring to him. I took the things up to him the first day. I guess he saw my name tag because I don't recall telling him my name or even him asking me my name. I wondered why he looked at me in such a weird way on that first day I dropped the towels off. After that he kept calling the front desk and asking for me to bring his towels and linen and other things up. He tried to carry on a conversation each time I would drop the things off. The fourth day he asked me to come in and put the things up for him as his wife normally did that and she did not travel with him this time. I should have known better, but like my husband tells me all the time, I am too trusting of people and that I need to exercise caution with people. I didn't think anything of the man's request. He's a guest here. So I went in to put things up and remove whatever was dirty. He started to ask me how was my day, were they treating me right, did I want to join him for a cup of coffee which he asked me to brew for him. Now that I think about it, he was just faking it all—pretending he did not know how to operate the coffee machine."

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