Episode 4, Chapters 10-12

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Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Plagues Do Not Come Without a Reason

by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

Episode 4

Chapters 10-12


Brenda Mosey's Story

The Guidance and Counseling class at the Thomasville Christian High School on Thursday with the eleventh and twelfth graders went well.

"I'm so glad you can be a part of our staff here," the principal, Karen Chimaugua, said to Bianca as the students were filing out of the room. "As you can tell from some of the things some of the students have shared with us, the devil is attacking even our children. We have a lot to pray for even if we only prayed for our children."

"We sure do," Bianca said. "That devil is not going to let up. We have to pray hard and fight hard for our children to be delivered from his onslaught."

"We sure do," Karen said. Looking around, she noticed Brenda Mosey sitting at the back of the classroom. "Is everything alright with you, Brenda?"

"Yes, Mrs. Chimaugua. I was just waiting to speak with Dr. Bianca," Brenda said.

Karen looked at Bianca who smiled, and said, "I'll give you a call later."

"Okay. I won't hold you any longer. Have a good evening, Dr. Bianca," Karen said. "Have a good evening, Brenda. Tell your mom and dad I say hello."

After the principal left the room, Bianca closed the door. She sat at the desk next to the one at which Brenda was sitting.

"Okay, Brenda, what's going on? Before you begin talking let me remind you that what you shared with me over the phone last Friday I am under no obligation to keep it quiet. For right now, until I hear all your story, I'll hold everything in confidence. No one knows about what you shared with me except for my husband, but as you already know we work together. He came here with me twice, I believe, and he spoke with the boys. I don't know if you remember him."

"Yes. I remember him," Brenda said. "I'm okay with him."

"You shared with me that you were involved sexually with your boyfriend who is in college and that your parents know nothing about your relationship with him. How old are you and how old is he and what's his name? How long have you both been seeing each other?"

"His name is Brax Jamison and he's twenty-two. I'm seventeen. We've been seeing each other since I was sixteen years old. He's getting ready to graduate with his bachelors degree in chemical engineering. He says he's going to be making a lot of money and he's going to buy him a big house. Right now he lives in his own apartment. He also says as soon as I turn eighteen he's going to take me away to live with him. I like being with him, but I feel kind of weird not letting my parents know about us."

"Why haven't you told them?"

"Because when I started high school, my dad told me that if he ever hears of me having a boyfriend or even talking about having one he was going to kill me. He also said that if I ever got pregnant before I got married not only was he going to kill me, but he was going to kill whoever the father is. My mother, she's just out of touch with what's going on in my life."

"What's your explanation for doing something they explicitly told you they do not want you to do?"

"I don't know," Brenda said shrugging her shoulders. "I don't see why they should care what I do as they pretty much leave me to myself anyway. Although I love being with Brax, I feel guilty at the same time because I feel like I'm living a lie behind my parents' back, but then again, they don't really care what I do, so I don't even know why I waste time worrying about what they think. They are too busy working and hardly have time for me and my sister. We hardly ever eat dinner together, much less breakfast. It's everyone for themself each morning. If they are not at work, they are always at the church doing something. They really don't even talk to me. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a bother to them, and if they don't want to be bothered with me, I certainly don't want to be bothered with them."

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