Episode 1

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Confessions of a Hotel Maid

Episode 1

Chapters 1-3


Thomasville Inn & Suites

Twenty-one-year-old Amy Carpenter snatched handfuls of dirty white towels out of the cloth hamper and threw them into one of the industrial sized washing machines. She dumped the liquid detergent in, poured in the whitening agent, slammed the door shut, then hit the 'ON' button with her fist.

"Whoa! I've never seen anyone take out their anger so vehemently on an innocent washing machine," twenty-seven-year-old Ann Luxley, her co-worker said.

"And I have never been so humiliated in my life," Amy snapped in response with her hands akimbo.

"Whatever it is, please don't bite my head off," Ann said, dropping the handful of dry towels she had just taken out of the dryer on to the folding table.

"Who's biting whose head off?" thirty-nine-year-old Carlita Lopez asked as she pushed her supply cart into the laundry area lining it up beside the other carts. She brushed the tendrils of her hair that were hanging loose over her forehead back into her ponytail tightening the clip that held her hair together.

"Somebody's got Amy all riled up," Ann replied. "I'm eagerly waiting for her to tell me who or what has gotten her so angry."

Amy Carpenter, Ann Luxley, and Carlita Lopez worked at the Thomasville Inn and Suites in Thomasville, Georgia. They were part of the housekeeping team which had gained a reputation for keeping each room "sparkling clean," treating each customer with "utmost respect," making check-in/check-out time a breeze, and providing hot breakfast in an "eye-appealing, sanitary manner." Sans Souii had consistently received five-star reviews from its customers as noted on its web page.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to bite your head off. I wish I could bite his head off. I mean, who does he think I am? A woman without morals?" Amy said.

"Are you going to tell us what happened and who this 'he' is?" Ann asked. "Or are you going to kick the dryer next?"

All three ladies laughed.

"I went to clean one of the rooms and the man said he just needed the trash taken out and the bathroom cleaned. While I was in the bathroom, he acted as though he was going out of the room. He planted himself right in the doorway; I could not get out even if I attempted to. He kept saying things like how beautiful I was and could he have my phone number, and how I was welcome to hang around the room and that he was in no hurry to get it cleaned. I have never been so humiliated in my life," Amy said. "And, no, I do not want to kick the dryer. I want to kick him where it hurts."

Ann and Carlita burst out laughing.

"Is this the first time that has happened to you? Because if it is, welcome to the real world. It's going to happen again," Ann said.

"And again and again," Carlita said.

"Really?" Amy said in disbelief.

"Si," Carlita said wide-eyed.

Amy looked askance from one face to the other. She had been employed at the hotel for only five months.

"I could tell you some stories," Ann said glancing at her watch, "but I do not have time right now. I have to go pick Camine up from school."

"I noticed the school bus has not been dropping her off here lately," Amy said.

"There was an awful fight on the school bus. One girl called another girl a name and a fight broke out," Ann said. "Since then, I decided I had best go pick her up myself and drop her off as well."

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