Chapter 8

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So cyns birthday is in two days and I have everything set up. Kings going to get her a present today and were leaving tomorrow on a trip to Hawaii I already got the tickets . just me and her are going. Cyns gone to a photoshoot and it's just me and king. Were in the movie room talking.

K: mommy I'm ready .

M: ready for what ?

K:I'm ready to get mamas birthday presents.

M:Presents ? I thought you was getting her one gift ?

K:Well no . I have my own money that I'm getting her something with and then your giving me money. Right ?

M:Really king. So you just gonna use my money when you have your own money.

K:Yes, your my mommy. You have to give me money. Even if I won the lottery you would still have to give me money .

M:Wow king. That's totally not fair , but okay. What do you have in mind as a gift for mama ?

K:I don't know . maybe a Pandora necklace and bracelet set that has a picture of me and her in the heart locket part of the necklace.

M:Dang son , you have everything planned out don't you ?

K:Yea and I also wanna get her the Xbox one and some games.

M:Wow baby boy she is gonna love it.

K:Good because I love her . now lets get going before she gets home and start looking for us . *pulling Erica *

M:Ok ok king let me get up.

K:Ok mama your up. Now let's go.

M:Your a trip.

So we got dressed and headed to the mall to get cyns things . so as we were driving I wanted to ask king what he thinks of me proposing to cyn .

M:Hey king ?

K:Yes mommy .

M:Would you be okay if I proposed to mama cyn * eyes on the road*

K:* not saying anything *

M:King ? * eyes still in the road *

K:* starting to cry *

M:* looking at king * why are you crying chubby ? I didn't know you didn't like mama cyn that much. Its okay I won't propose .

K:Wait mommy no , I'm not sad , I'm happy. I'm happy that I'm actually gonna have a real family and that cyns gonna be my real mama. Mommy I love you guys so much and me and you both deserve cyn. Mama cyn is the best thing that has happened to us . so yes I would be okay if you proposed to mama.

M:* crying * awe chubby that's the best thing ever . and im glad you love mama cyn .we love you so much king.

K:And I love you too mama.

M:So today we are gonna pick out her ring and I'm gonna propose on our trip . are you sure you don't wanna go ?

K:That's great mommy. And yes. This trip should only be for adults .

M:And who told you that ?

K:Uncle ablee ..

M:That damn Albee. Ok baby and don't listen to what he says cause most of the time he's wrong . how are you gonna give mama her gifts ? and were here

K:Ok mommy. And when y'all come back . Now let's get out the car . I'm ready to get mamas stuff .

M:Ok bubby .

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