Dont turn on the stove!

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I bet you all are wondering why I called this chapter that. Well I'm about to explain.

You see I was going to my bros dr. thing and it is in Birmingham, well on the way back at like seven we had Mexican.
Now I have nothing against that food it's good some of it. Well after I got home I went to bed having to go to school the next day. well I woke up at two in the morning and I felt very sick so I went to my bathroom. and after like five minuets it came up. I wiped my mouth and woke my mom up so I can tell her that I'm not going to school the next day. When I wake up me and my mom go to the store and get some food like cupcake batter and stuff like that because it is my grandma's bday. When I'm reading a book my mom shouts "god damnit!" I turned to see the stove on and cupcake batter everywhere on the stove.
Moral of the story: Don't let my mom turn on the stove!
Well good bye my readers hope you enjoyed laughing at my pain.

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