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Monde fictif by SnipiesInTheHead
Monde fictifby SnipiesInTheHead
Monde construit de toute pièce pour les RP à contextes!
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Collecteur d'images by Titouan_Hamon
Collecteur d'imagesby Titouan_Hamon
La vie de tous les jours est un combat permanent, essayons de la voir sous un œil nouveau...
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Detective Squad  by Peachynicks
Detective Squad by thegirlwholived⚡
Join Wyatt, Nova, Spade and the twins as they go through the journey of being just meddlesome teenagers to a great gang of detectives Date started: November 13, 2019 Da...
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Sweet Pandemonium by Andi0828
Sweet Pandemoniumby Andi0828
A new chapter in life. Once Tatiana lost the last part of her family she decides to start new. She travels half way across the world to try to find herself and ends up...
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Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR editing) by ScaredToDeathMyLove
Salt In Our Wounds ( Under MAJOR Shelby
Cheyenne (25) didn't know what to do with her life, seeing as she was still being controlled by her parents, but everything changed when she met Ville, (a famous rock st...
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Let Me Wake Up In Your Arms by wheredoihide
Let Me Wake Up In Your Armsby Kayla King
Just a little something that popped in my head earlier. I haven't written one of these in a long time and wanted to try again. I started writing this Ville fic up on my...
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I'm Drunk On Your Tears, Baby by joeyfilthx
I'm Drunk On Your Tears, Babyby joeyfilthx
I do not own any members of CKY, H.I.M or Jackass. I do not own any lyrics used unless otherwise noted. This is a work of fiction. This is a very old story from 2008 tha...
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When Love and Death Embrace... (Ville Valo FanFic) by ImYourSweet666
When Love and Death Embrace... ( Amy-lee
When Evanna was diagnosed with an incurable disease, her friend Blaire decided to take her to Finland for her last birthday that she can celebrate. With having only a ye...
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Killing Loneliness (A Ville Valo Fanfiction) by AskingMoskova
Killing Loneliness (A Ville Valo ruska
[ON GOING AND STILL EDITING PARTS] ''Falling in love is the best way to kill your heart because then it's not yours anymore.''
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In the Arms of Rain (Ville Valo) by havanakills
In the Arms of Rain (Ville Valo)by Havana M
Ville Valo x OC Fanfic Nina dreams of excitement and adventure, whilst her reality consists of struggling to make ends meet. But karma steps in and her good deed on a ra...
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Don't Close Your Heart (Ville Valo Fan Fic) by darkravenkat
Don't Close Your Heart (Ville lisa
"Every time I go to sleep, I see Ville's eyes, hear his voice. It can't be love, can it? I mean we only known each other for a few minuets. I don't know. Hopefully...
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Ville Valo by phanmylilsmolbeans
Ville Valoby Satan Loves Milk
Photos of Ville Valo Started November 5th 2018
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(Ville valo) you will join me in death you have no choice by AlisonBonser
(Ville valo) you will join me in Alison Bonser
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Ville's Heart-Killer by ArielBlack
Ville's Heart-Killerby ArielBlack
A young woman goes to a HIM concert with her boyfriend, Leo. One thing leads to another, and before she knows it her whole world is turned upside down. Will she choose t...
Le Bus by lecturesurmesure
Le Busby Marilou★彡
"Elle avait raison. J'étais grande. La rue m'avait forcée à grandir d'un coup. On grandit beaucoup dans les moments difficiles. On vieillit même. Je n'avais que 13...
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Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell ~ 'Destined Lovers' Book 7 by ShanLeighMansonMIW
Your Pretty Face Is Going To ShanNior
Intimacy. A word not entirely understood in this oh-so modern world of ours. Romance. Something many people believe no longer exists. Seduction... a method of persuasion...
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Kelly smart: éternelle romantique by HoTsesttory
Kelly smart: éternelle romantiqueby .someone.
Kelly jeune adulte à la recherche de l'amour dans les rues de NewYork, c'est l'histoire de son chemin amoureux. Est ce que à la fin de ce journal, elle a trouvé l'amo...
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Watch Me Fall for You, My Venus Doom -Ville Valo fanfic- by DeludedDepths
Watch Me Fall for You, My Venus ‡ Paige Ward ‡
(NOTICE) Original photo belongs to Beyond-Heavens @ Venus Doom, your average 22 year old woman. She was a simple Romanian girl who moved to Helsinki for a...
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Un lit à partager by G-o-M42
Un lit à partagerby GoM
Vous voyez un plan Q ? Ok ! Et bien c'est tout le contraire ! Vous voyez les appartements de millionnaires et leur voyage de rêves ? Oui ! Et bien là, on n'ira pas à Ib...
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Holding Hands Won't Be Enough by ethereal-ellie
Holding Hands Won't Be Enoughby Ethine
When Matilda Louhi Aaltoinen left Finland on a tidal wave of despair, she never imagined it would crash down on her again four years later only to carry her, and her sec...
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