Chapter 20 // confessions

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Pardis's POV
Honestly I thought Nenad was joking around, I mean there was no other explanation for this.
How can these rich people be his parents? He dresses and acts like he's homeless...
The porch light turns on and someone opens the door.
A man about 50 years old appears and greets nenad with a big hug.
"Oh my goodness son its you, is everything okay?"
Nenad looks at me as if he can read my mind, he knows I'm confused, I need some sort of explanation.
"Yeah dad I just came to change my clothes don't worry I'm not coming back here." He walks straight into the house and runs upstairs, leaving me with the old man.
"And you must be his girlfriend I assume?"
"Haha no just a friend, I wouldn't even call it a friend, but it's very nice to meet you and sorry for stopping by so late sir"
"I think you should go upstairs and help nenad, he doesn't look very well"
I head upstairs trying to find his room, as I walk down the hallway I notice a bunch of family pictures, there were some with nenad and his father, and his mother, he looked very.. Happy.
I finally found Nenads room, as I enter I notice his room is completely flawless, why does he bother living somewhere else when this house is to die for?
"Hey your dad sent me up to help you"
He gives me a look.
"I don't need your fucking help just stay downstairs."
"You know what? I'm sick of your attitude, all I've ever done has been trying to act nice towards you, trying to at least care and all you can fucking do is-"
I was shut up by a kiss.

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