Untitled Part 26

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we had a lot of fun playing truth or dare even though i got a boner it was still funny. "okay my turn" i shout "sam truth or dare" i say knowing he has a crush on miley becasue he told me in the kitchen"dare" he said "i dare you to make out with miley for 5 seconds" i say making him blush. miley gets up and walked over to sam and sat on his lap. they made out for a lot longer than 5 seconds but we let them be. when they finally pulled out miley said "umm guys me and sam have to go" she giggled (for the story imagen fetus miley so she has the long hair) "have fun" charlotte says giggling. we played a few more rounds and decide to get a midnight macdonalds cause why not.

we all got in the car but charlotte jumped on my back catching me by suprise "carry me horsey" charlotte said full of energy. i laughed at her hipernis. once we got there evreyone orderd and charlotte and me shared a big mac. i was suprised there were no paps well i thought there wasnt any until we walked outside. evreyone stayed very close and lots of questions were being asked "cjarlotte are you prego" "i bet she is but its not justins its probly a random dude" another added making me very angry. charlotte could tell cause she grabed my hand "sut" "whore" "bitch" they shouted "worthless" on the last one charlotte started to cry and i turned around. "SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!!" i shout. "OHH im so scared" they shouted back in sarcasum. charlotte new i was about to loss it because she grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the car in silence. we got in the car and the boys and selena and demi were realy telling them like no joke you realy dont want to mess with them. "are you ok" i ask "yeh its just well.. my step-dad used to call me worthless evreyday in evrey sentance he spoke he would say it so much i believed it and i still do" "Well dont because he is a useless piece of shit that i will never let hurt you and if i ever get my hands on him he will regret hurting you" i say she responded with a tight hug. evreyone got back in the car and they all lightend the mood a bit by joking but all i could think was. charlotte has saved me from the wrog decistion twice now and i realy do need her..

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