Chapter 13

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*Emily's P.O.V.*

I felt relaxed and snug for some reason, I wonder why I'm so comfortable sleeping in a chair? I fluttered my eyes open and realised I was staring at the chair. Confused I looked around...Wait!? where is Jacob? I panicked and looked around the room for him but no use he wasn't here and he shouldn't be walking with wounds that severe. I rolled off the couch and ran for the front door searching outside on the roads and sidewalks hoping if he left it wasn't too long ago but I couldn't find him. A sudden strike of sadness and disappointment jolted through my chest.

"Did he really leave without saying goodbye?" I asked myself on the verge of tears. Why am I about to cry over a guy I just met its not right. I closed the door and walked to the kitchen the smell of food permeated the rooms, it was pancakes my favorite. I looked up and my heart filled with joy to see Jacob mask and all at the stove cooking. Without a second thought a ran and hugged him from behind burying my face in his back taking in the scent of pine trees again, I thought I washed his jacket.. eh I don't mind the smell. He tensed up for a moment but relaxed.

"Good morning." He said calmly. His voice made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

"Goodmorning." I replied smiling, I just remained there hugging him while he cooked I almost forgot I was hugging him until he moved again. I let go quickly.

"Oh..sorry." my face turning as hot as a furnace.

"Are you hungry?" He asked smoothly

"Uhm yeah." I said nodding my head idly he lifted up his mask and gave me a cute smile.

"Well go sit down and I'll serve you this morning."

"O-Ok." I said, as I went to walk away I tripped over my own feet. Nice one Emily. I started to fall back but was caught by my hand and pulled forward bumping into something I looked up to be captivated by Jacobs smile and his eyes staring into mine.

"I seem to always be catching you." He stated with a chuckle.

"Y-Yeah s-s-sorry." I managed to stutter out. God I'm failing all over today.

"It's alright I enjoy it, go ahead and sit down unless I need to carry you to the table too." He teased

"N-no I can do it." I said as he let go of me with a smile, there goes those butterflies. I turned around to a smug looking Ashley sitting at the table, my face turned red knowing that she saw that.

"Nice one." She silently laughed as I sat down.

"Shut up." I said trying to hide my blush.

"Just saying but if he offered to carry me I would take that offer in a heartbeat." She stated and laughed

"My legs work fine." I huffed at her.

"Still." She said scanning Jacob up and down, I felt a small urge to slap her but shook it off. Jacob walked over with a stack of pancakes and bottle of syrup and placed them in front of me and then sat down and waited. I ate the food and once I was finished Jacob took my plate and washed it, Ashley just smiled and gave me a thumbs up I rolled my eyes at her and got up.

"So how are you feeling today?" I asked stretching

"Better than yesterday." He stated bluntly

"That's good." He nodded, it looked like he was thinking about something. He turned towards me and our eyes met again he looked away quickly and pulled his masked down trying to hide a small blush I already saw. Why was he blushing? My thought was broken when Ashley tapped on my shoulder.


"Ya know you missed school today, right?" She giggled at me.

"Shit I forgot about school!" I shouted

"It'll be alright besides you can just spend the day with Jacob." She said adding a wink, the thought of this brought a smile to my lips. Today should be a little interesting.

(Sorry if this was boring it was just a filler I'll try to make the excitement come back hoped you guys liked a little Emily awkwardness cx anyways comment, vote, share, and follow. You guys are amazing and keep smiling my friends.)

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