Will you marry me?

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*Zachary’s P.O.V.*

I was actually pretty nervous. My hands were sweaty, the pulse was racing to its new limit and waiting finally to Miranda arrive the spot I had picked for tonight. It wasn’t just one night. It was the night I prepared myself for the marriage proposal. I even had chosen the place where we first kissed each other and hoped that she would remind that.
Ok of course she would remember like she remembers every single detail of our relationship. Miranda’s brain is working like one of those machines. She could tell you even what I was wearing on our first date and now we had been a couple for 5 years. It was quite impressive and fascinated me every time again.

So here I was standing now, in one of my best suit, hands were rubbing against my legs and keep checking the time every five minutes. Usually she was on time and maybe it was just my nervousness that made me think she was already late. I couldn’t think clear but who could actually blame me? Miranda was the girl of my life and I couldn’t imagine one single day without her next to me. I’m 34 years old now and I had the one or other relationship in my life but never had loved a girl that much as I love Miranda.

It felt like 30 minutes passed before I finally saw her coming closer, looking great in that navy blue dress and even wearing those high-heels she brought just one week ago. Well sometimes I could remember things as well since I pay a lot attention to her more recently. I couldn’t do anything else than smile, spread the arms just to wrap them around her tiny body and kiss her passionately. Her lips tasted sweetish and reminded me of the taste of a strawberry. That was new to me that she was using lip-gloss with fruit taste. To be honest I had never recognized it before but maybe my senses were sharpened a little.

“You had picked a great place” she nodded smiling and saw the well laid table with the champagne bottle and candle light placed in the middle.

“Why don’t we sit down and you try my chosen menu for tonight.”

“I love that idea actually and it’s kind of sweet you remember our anniversary.”

Well, actually I didn’t do that. I was prepared to get this perfect night like ordering the food, writing my proposal and a few other little things that I will add later tonight. I got used to that through my job as sales manager and I had a lot to do with rescheduling stuff every day and being in stress, but she was becoming a real challenge for me. It was a night that she should never forget and would always keep in our minds until our final day on this earth.


The dinner was absolutely fantastic. The guys did a really great job and I was grateful about getting them on board for my special night. Since the dessert still had to wait I stood up, waiting for the guys to play our song ‘In the Air tonight’ by Phil Collins before I kneeled down in front of her. Miranda was just covering her mouth with her hand, already imaging what was about to come.

“Miranda, sweetheart. The day when I had seen you walking into my office, even when it was just for some business, I knew you are that key to my heart. The one that I was looking for so long and many rainy days had to pass before I finally found the sunshine. The girl that lights up my day always new, making me to start the day with a smile on my face and knowing me even better than I do. You can call me mad for thinking that, but you know that certain kind of feeling when the pan find its lid. My heart is still beating faster when I see you, my hands are even sweating right now because I’m pretty nervous. You mean a lot to me, Miranda, and I don’t like to spend one single day without you. I don’t want to miss a second to see your cute dimples when you smile, twirl your hair when you are nervous or just looking in your green eyes when I wake up. I want to spend my lifetime with you and that’s why I want to ask you. Will you marry me?”

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