Lullaby for a Sadist

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 *Syn’s P.O.V.*

It was in the dawn when I waited at the old fabric area to catch up with Zachary for our next challenge. I actually had no idea how he would be reacting after the phone call with his so beloved Miranda. He should have noticed that it was more than obvious she doesn’t want to see him anymore after he started killing people again. She might wasn’t one of the angels after she spent most of her days in brothels but when she hated one thing then those people that were killing others. And I had no intention to tell her why I ordered him to do it.

Despite the fact that I enjoyed the game I started to like Miranda and we both got really close last night. I know she was one professional escort lady that did that tons of times but there was some little moment when I felt she did it because she liked it. I don’t know if I was only dreaming but her orgasm wasn’t faked which means she enjoyed the sex. I would find that out again as soon as I was done here. I got hungry for more, I wanted to feel her full lips on mine again, tasting every inch of her perfect body and make her scream my name loud again. I don’t know if she would do it again but every women fell for that charming guy. I doubted a little that Zachary had the ability to satisfy her the fullest. Maybe she was happy to get finally one true man that knows how to please a woman.

Neither I was sure if that guy would actually appear after he noticed that he might lost his girl forever. Until now he thought he fights to get her back, thinking that the kills get her closer to Miranda but she made it quite clear that she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Besides he tasted the blood of killing people again and got back to the old Zachary Baker.

With five minutes delay he finally arrived the place. I didn’t miss the dark circles under his eyes. He knew exactly that he wouldn’t go back home so easily as soon as the police started looking for him. Just one simple phone call was enough to alert them about his position. I was pretty happy about my contacts everywhere in town and that I could get away easier than any other criminal in this town.

“I already thought you wouldn’t come” I said, sounding a bit bored by wasting my time waiting for him.

“What have you done to Miranda?” he came pretty close, but decided not to attack my physically.

“Nothing” I shook my head “You should know that you had been on TV worldwide now. So I was just showing her the news and maybe I additionally talked about your past. That’s all.”

I moved my head a bit to the left, giving him a good sight on the marks from last night. I could see from his face that he saw all the love marks and scratches she left on my chest. Zachary might be naïve but he wasn’t dumb at all. He expected already something like this to happen, but he knew exactly that he couldn’t attack me just right away, neither when he wouldn’t do what I want.

That allowed me to have fun as often as I wanted without putting some pressure on her. She was the one that took off his shirt while I enjoyed the moment as it was served on a plate. I was pretty conscious that I was attractive for many girls and the charm was just a little bonus to make them feel as they were in heaven.

“Who did you choose now” Zachary snarled in a cold way.

“Well can you remember Amber? I think you haven’t seen her for such a long time. I even forgot for how long” I paced around him.

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