Save me

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*Miranda’s P.O.V.*

The day couldn’t have end better actually. Zacky finally asked me to marry him, we’ve spent a great night together and now I was tied up in that place. As this wouldn’t be enough I’ve had one huge guy looking at me. That guy didn’t seem like he was one of the smartest guys when he worked for such a cocky guy like that Synyster Gates that commanded him around like he was his dumb puppet. If he might do everything he says I had a little chance to escape that place. A woman could easily use her charm and power to bend someone to her will. I’ve done that a lot in the past, means I have some experiences in that. It was just a little bonus that I was sitting here in my negligee, revealing almost everything of my body. I just had to think on some kind of plan, a way to start the conversation and make him to release me from here.

“It must be a bit boring to work here, having no women around and I guess it’s a pretty long time ago until you’ve had your fun.”

No reaction. He looked at my long legs for a second and then turned his gaze out of the window. I doubted that he wasn’t interested unless he just liked a big fat cock to fuck him, but I would get him there soon. I just had to be patient enough, which was one of my weaknesses.

“You are a sexy guy” I hated to hear myself lying but I only did that for Zacky “And what girl could resist a man like this? To be honest I would get weak. If you would release me, you can do everything you fantasize for so long. You can kiss me, fuck me in every possible position, whatever you like it rough or soft. I’ve seen your eyes almost hanging on these huge boobies. Your boss is probably gone for hours and that means we can have a lot of fun, won’t we?” I raised my eye brow and hoped he would agree to my little attempt of flirting with him.

I think some ice already melted. His body turned around, his eyes were wandering from the toes up to my boobs and by his face I could see that he might be even interested for some fun.

“I’m willed to satisfy every wish. See me as your little slave. I guess you like to play the dominate one.”

I spread my legs a little and couldn’t actually wait to get rid of these bonds. As soon as I would be free I would flee. I didn’t want to stay any long at this place. To be honest I had no idea when that guy would be back or if his second man was armed. I risked that I was right he wasn’t carrying any gun with him because I actually didn’t look like a dangerous person. After all I was tied up and couldn’t defend myself. No risk. No fun.

“Enjoy it” I whispered almost hearable and I heard my own heart beating in the chest.

I saw him coming closer and helping me to stand up without removing the bonds. I really hoped he would do it before we would have sex. Who know if he would use even a condom for it and how many girls he might fucked before. Not that he was ugly, I wasn’t lying about the fact that probably many girls would do everything to get him in their bed, but he clearly wasn’t my type. I was a little bit disgusted by his look. He gave me the image of some bouncer to some strip club. I had seen those guys when I used to work in some before I had been forced to some other dirty job.

That guy pushed me to a room with a huge bed in it. There wasn’t anything else then the bed and white walls. For me it seemed like they used it for occasions like that, with the only difference that Synyster Gates got his girls over here.

That black guy shoved me onto the bed, unbutton his pants and threw it into the next corner. I couldn’t turn away my eyes from that huge aroused cock. I actually didn’t want to look at it but also couldn’t focus on something else. My heart started beating faster and I prayed for every second he would finally unbound me from these ropes. He got closer and closer and I feared what was about to come.
Those kind of men weren’t interested into the foreplay. They liked it rough and fast, as many people that visited a brothel. It was the anonymous sex for some good money and the men left satisfied, going back to their wife and making them believe they were faithful.
Though before he could slam his cock into me I heard a loud bang and then the black guy fall onto me. I saw the blood running out of his mouth and it was obvious that someone had shot him.

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