Do or Die

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*Syn’s P.O.V.*

“He’s back” I heard Trevor screaming from the door as soon as he saw me getting out of the car.

Five years had now passed before I decided to return to that town where everything begun: Hurtsville. I wasn’t only born and raised in that beautiful town, no I even started my own little career. Well not everyone was really happy about that but I was doing the right thing in my eyes. I couldn’t really rely on the police officers here who mostly wasted their fucking time in drinking coffee and eating donuts. I’ve had my own rules and anyone that was breaking them had to live with the consequences. I didn’t care much about the rules that the government followed. On the streets ruled other laws, maybe a little bit dangerous too but life wasn’t quite easy either. We all had to overcome some challenges in life, either if we want to pass some tests in school, get a job or other things that asked for our focus.
I returned because of a certain reason. I had been informed by one of my men that someone really special was back in town again: Zacky Baker. He had been my protagonist some long time ago, a time before he decided to become a good boy and looking for a girl to settle down. That kind of life always had been pretty boring for me. I’ve had my affairs, moved around and lived like a free bird with my men around me. Two guys that I trusted the most and were always loyal to me. There were too many people that tried to play a dirty game with me, used my position to get some benefit. I wasn’t a dumb person, ok I admit I’ve had been used several times in the past but I always learnt my lesson.

“You really don’t need to tell the whole town” I said amused and put my index finger on his lips to make him shut up. “How’s been the business going?” I continued while walking inside of the huge villa.

“Quite good, Sir. There were no tragic occurrences but I’ve been looking for the guy you had asked for. I had collected all information to that folder.”

I looked onto the wall where he had pinned every little information about the last three months. Zacky seemed to have succeed in starting a great life by working now as a sales manager and now being with Miranda Vancamp. I knew exactly who she was, even though she had changed her name some time ago. I would never forget someone’s face, especially not one that was as beautiful as her. I browsed through all the yellow post-its, looked at the pics and reading the notes that my men left me. They had pinned everything on a huge map of Hurtsville, marked every place where Zacky had been to and it really seemed like that he would get married soon. Lucky him. I rather liked to play one last game before that.

“Do anything you can to find Miranda. I want her here and no harm done, please. She would be some great use later” I smirked and taking her photo off the wall.

She had dyed her hair from black to brown as much as that photo told me. But that wasn’t the only thing she had changed on her appearance. Many years ago I remembered her as a really skinny person when she stood at every street corner, waiting for another men to pay her for another fuck. She was a little skanky whore and even me had used that tempting offer every now and then. After all I was just a man, I had needs and she was offering it for some dollars only. It was quick and very satisfying. Only today I wouldn’t call her for some sex. I would be using her as pawn for my little game with Zacky.


After I got the call from Trevor that they had caught the dirty little girl. It was going actually pretty fast even though I had no doubts about the skills of my men. They were well trained and had particular skills to do a job within a short time.

Slowly I walked into the living room where she was sitting on the chair, gagged and looking at me really angry. I wasn’t actually quite sure if she recognized me but I think that wasn’t the only reason why she seemed that angry.
Miranda was barely clothed. Not that I actually complained about that since I enjoyed looking at her really beautiful body that was covered in tattoos now. I guess my man had interrupted her by something else and if I guessed it right I had Rob right there where I wanted him.

“So we meet again” I kneeled down, removed the gag on her mouth and stroked her hand.

“I can’t remember that we had ever met” she spit on my face and I tried to ignore that for a second, rather pretend that this didn’t happen before I would regret my own step.

“That was some years ago actually but to clarify about a few things it isn’t about you babe. I think it’s more about your lover Zacky Baker.”

“What do you want from him? And who do the fuck are you?”

“Oh I’m sorry that I haven’t introduced myself” I got up and smiled brightly “I’m Synyster Gates and now we are playing a little game.”

“How do you actually know my fiancé?” she snarled angrily and I really liked how she heat up during our conversation.

“Oh you two got then engaged already. That was quick” I tried to sound surprised. “But I think he can explain it much better than me.”

“What do you want from us, asshole? Money? Sorry we don’t have that. We don’t have anything you might desire.”

“You say you don’t have any money?” I raised my eyebrow in surprise “Well I have some good sources that told me that he is about planning to start his own business quite soon and you are earning some good money as well. Don’t try to tell me you have no money but let me tell you that I don’t fucking care about it. You both are playing the main role in this. You’ll later find out why I’m saying that.”

I pulled out my knife, placed myself behind her and hold up her head that she was forced to look at me. It was thrilling to be the bad guy again, letting the people play as they were my puppets. It was a kind of satisfying feeling for me, making me feel I was the king and I enjoyed it every little second.

“Though if you try to play any tricks with me young lady” I licked over her cheek. The taste was a bit sweet and I maybe would taste more of her later but now I had a job to do. “I’m not afraid to hurt or kill anyone. But let me pay him a little visit, tell him what happened to his little girl and make him run through hell if he really wants to see you again.”

I caressed her cheek before I was about to leave the house. Normally I wouldn’t leave the house without some security on my side, but carrying a gun with me was everything I needed. His house wasn’t that far away and I knew he would be still there, maybe even had read my message already.
I told Trevor to keep an eye on the girl and make sure she would be alright for some fun later.


It was some easy trick to open the door to his house. And indeed I was right: Zacky already was awake, standing only in his undies in front of me and giving me one deadly look. I didn’t care much about it since he knew that I had something he desperately to have back.

“What do you want, snake?”

“I want you. I think you know why I’m actually here though and before you ask Miranda is ok, at least she is still ok. I can’t promise that for much longer maybe.”

And as much as I had expected him running towards me for an attack I pulled out my gun and turned right to him. So I was giving myself some distance to him and could make he wouldn’t kill me with the closest knife he could catch. My intention wasn’t to kill him actually, even I just had to pull the trigger, but I wanted my fun and most of all I wanted him to make him suffer.

“But I’m giving you a chance to get her back.”

“What do I have to do?”

Zacky was a bit too easy for me. He wasn’t really willing to fight and just do as I please him. I had hoped for some argument, but his life seemed as boring as his way to interact with people. The next days might be more interesting for him and he probably would reach his limit.

“You just have to do some tasks. You know what you did some years ago and even I think you moved on from that it’s the only way to save your fiancée life. I think we start with someone you probably know well: Jared Hull.”

He wasn’t only one of his colleagues, he even was some of his best friends. I wouldn’t choose just random people he had to kill. My picks were well chosen and it had only one target: killing people he cared the most or he would lose his one and only.

“You can choose” I shrugged almost smelling the success “Miranda or you do what I say.”

I reached him another gun I carried with me. Now I was waiting if he would take the challenge or if he would cop out.

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