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Sub!Louis & Dom!Harry

(Mention of Ziam)

!!! Warning (optional: (Lady-) boner alert) !!!

BDSM; spanking, pain kink, slight humiliation kink, insults and all that stuff

Smut (in another part)

Inspired by the idea of one of my favorite readers xx


Louis and Liam go on a cruise on a yacht, organized by the expensive BDSM club ‚Kingstar'. Although Louis isn't rich, he's part of the club for a while now, because rich doms pay for his membership.

In conclusion: Louis is a brat and normally gets away with it due to his pretty looks. Until he meets a very demanding dom called Harry Styles.

| Part 1 |


"But Louis, what if you're seasick and don't know it because you've never been to sea?"

"Liam, you just said it: I've never been to sea! So when I get the opportunity, I take it"

Louis rolled his eyes as he was followed around the apartment by Liam while he packed up things he would maybe need.

"And what are you going to do when you get seasick?!"


A bit annoyed, Louis turned to his best friend, who only wanted the best for him, but still didn't understand him.

"It may not be anything special for you to go on a yacht, but not for me! If I get to win a trip on a yacht for seven days, I'm going to take advantage of it!"

"But we can just go together sometime?"

Louis snorted, walking on, while reaching for a tube of sunscreen from the cabinet.

"And will you also get me a bunch of hot doms to have fun with, too?"

Liam sighed, following Louis into his room, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. Skeptically, he watched his friend throw whatever he needed into the suitcase.

"I just don't know what to think of this, Louis. I mean I'm happy for you, I'd love to just go, too. But you have to be realistic; what if something happens?"

"Then I have a whole lot of helpful men who will be happy to help me," Louis rolled his eyes, tossing the sunscreen into the suitcase.

"Just like always. Otherwise I wouldn't even be at 'Kingstar' anymore"

Unfortunately, that was true. Kingstar was one of the most exclusive and serious BDSM clubs in town, was correspondingly expensive as a result. Louis would never have come across this club on his own, but his best friend Liam, with whom he lived in an apartment, had discovered it. And since he had known that he wasn't the only one that liked this kind of lifestyle, he had told Louis about it and shown it to him. He preferred that rather than Louis hanging around in some strange neighborhood, had paid for his membership the first few months.

By now... well, that was no longer necessary. Now there were enough men who paid that to make sure Louis continued to be a member.


What, they had enough money? And they did it voluntarily; after all, Louis wasn't the one to blame here just because he was pretty. With his small stature, wide hips and big ass, plus his feminine face with his blue eyes, he was a wet fantasy come true for many. So please, it was only fair, right?

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