Chapter 1

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"We are here today to mourn the loss of Jack Gillinsky..."

The pastor's words echo through my head.

Jack should've been seeing the doctor so they might've caught the tumor early. Life isn't about the what could/should have happened I tell myself. But I should have urged him to see a doctor for all of his frequent headaches. He could have told someone about them. He should have...

"Hey." I turn around and see Shawn standing next to me. "You know that it's been 30 minutes since the end of the funeral."

"Right." I mumble.

"If you need a ride back to your apartment, I'd be willing to drive you."

"That's great Shawn. I really appreciate it and all the help in the past two months."

"It's nothing."


Shawn pulls into the parking garage of his apartment building. Since the apartment buildings that we live in are only two blocks away from each other, he's going to walk me back to mine.

"You have a really nice view of the Bay and downtown Seattle." I say.

"Nah. You're closer to a Starbucks." Shawn replies.

"But you live in the penthouse."

"I guess you can't beat that."

Shawn walks with me to the door of my apartment.

'"Would you like to come in?" I offer.

"I'd like to, but I'm recording something at the studio in an hour."

"Oh." I pray that he doesn't hear the disappointment in my tone.

"Well bye." Shawn hugs me and at that very moment, I felt happier than I've ever been in a while.

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