chapter 5

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Red p.o.v

A month has pased and everythingvv was just amazing he was so sexy i love having a mate especialy fine alpha

"Red we have been shopping for hours what are you lokking for"i was looking for a way to get rid of blake so i can buy some lingerie i was going to be luna today and he was finaly going to br able to mark me and from what others know i am still a virgin and blake hasnt layed a finger on my body hahah hes layed more than a finger but oh well they would never know

"Blake go get something for your self i will do the same"

He looked at me conserned "are you sure i mean if you want i am just going to go"

Yes i rushed over to Victoria secret and found the perfect one it was a lacy red 2 piece perfect for us i bought it and exited the store to find Sammy she was awsome and we became close freinds

"You!let me see it i already know what you bought now show me!"she was exited i showed her and she gasped "hes going to kill you"

Meaning not stop until were both knocked out cold

"Its gonna hurt isnt it"

She gave me a warm smile

"Yep but at the same time once your marked you will demand it"

She said she had to buy some her self blakes beta was gonna mark her as well

"What you got there babe"

"Nothing just a few things lets eat"good thing i am a good lire or i would of spoiled the surprise"

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