chapter 21

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Blake's p.o.v

18 years later
I stood there next to my mate all hope of her coming back to me were gone long ago all that's in my heart are her memories and my beautiful daughter
"I knew I would find you here, come on you need to eat she would want you to" magenta whispered from the door
Such a beautiful lady just like her mother blond hair with red eyes, pale skin and a mark on her wrist showing the mixed blood lines of her mother and father
"Your just like her you know" she sighed "so I have been told"
"I just wish you got to meet her" I whimpered kissing reds cold lips for one last time sparks erupted on my face sending my heart on over drive
I kissed her again still the same sensation I haven't felt in so long apeared
"Dad what are you doing" magenta muttered confused
"The sparks there back" she furrowed her eyebrows
"But that means that...."
She ran out the room calling for silver and his kids along with the rest of the family
Reds eyelids open revealing the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen tears made there way down my cheeks as I held her close not letting go
"Red your awake, I missed you so much"
" how long was I gone" her sweet angelic voice I missed for so long
My heart sunk as I told her
"18 years"
"Were is my baby, I want to see her please blake tell me she is okay" I smiled as magenta came in
Reds p.o.v
I can't belive I was gone for 18 years my mate my love raised our daughter alone I can't belive it I never got to gold her
She stood there tall her skin pale like mine her eyes red her hair a wild blonde mess like mine I cried holding blake tightly
"I am so sorry" I repeated over and over
"Mom, calm down its okay it wasn't your fault you were just in a coma please don't feel bad we have eachother now" her voice she called me mom
I giggled throwing my self on her
"My baby she Called me mom, honey you herd that" blake wrapped his arms around my waist sparks erupted as I leaned into him "I love you so much red, please marry me let's not waist time anymore" I looked over to my daughter kissing her cheek she cried into my arms "please mom say yes" I smiled
Facing blake his eyes captured me it's been so long since I have felt him close I can't bare being away from him
"I don't know yet" he growled his wolf conecting with me once again everyone in the room got silent "dad your wolf it's back"
"I know mage its, because of your mother"
Every one in the room smiled hugging me and greeting me
"Mom, dad I love you both so much, I am going to go to school I will see you later" she kissed me and blake leaving us alone in the room
"What do you mean you don't know yet" blake asked his wolf showing
I smiled
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"Be my wife red, be mine again" I smiled pressing my lips to his
"I was always yours from the start" he smiled holding me tight

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