chapter 19

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It has been months since red almost lost our child, months since i killed crawler, months since i got to here her beautiful voice, months since magenta was born. "Dadaa!" she giggled jumping on me
She has been getting bigger by the day in just a few more months she will be big enough to go to school
I cant belive my little girl being a hybrid makes her grow faster than average children
The thought scares me and what frightens me even more is that red hasnt been able to see any of this
I spent endless nights telling magenta stories of her mothers antics and how amazing she is, restless nights by her side until she wakes up
I just hope its soon, i cant bare seeing her like this any longer
"Mama still sleeping?" magent asked furrowing her eyebrows
"Yes honey mama is still sleeping she is very tierd "
She fumbled playing with her puffy yellow dress one that silver had given her as a pretty little gift
"Mama always sleep she never play wit me" magenta mumbled sadly breakimg my heart "no its not like that mama needs to sleep to stay strong, you will see she will be playing with you in no time you just have to be patient mage, always be patient" she nodded and ran off to play with other kids
"Come on red, we need you"
I kissed hef cold lips the sparks faintly errupted giving me hope that she will wake up one day

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