chapter 8

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Blake went around like a crazed man yelling he got me pregnate i already felt like i was a mother taking care of her little kid in this case blake

"The whole pack knows blake" he grined pulling me into his arms

"But babe.....i am so happy we get to be a family and your the one to carry my my luna,my mate,my love" i felt warm inside

(Blakes p.o.v)

I get to be a daddy and when we have a baby girl i will get to be overprotective of her and so will her brother and i will question her mate just like reds father did to me but at the time i was scared shitless and now i am happy i think i could pull it off i will call him later so he can give me tips....god i am so exited

"Blake honey.....look feel"her stomach was big given the fact that its a werewolf and vampire baby it would take a month according to tje pack doctor cross breads.are becomeing frequent

Red placed my hand on her belly were my baby is and i felt a slight kick and or powerful kick my eyes widened i felt the baby kick is that normal will my mate be okay

"My poor mate.....are you okay.....the baby is that a good thing?....i will call the pack doctor" red fell in the couch laughing

"It was a kick meaning the baby  is alive and healthy its just moving" i sighed in relife when she said she and the baby were fine

"Sweet heart your acting like your the one that is pregnate" i chuckled and layed her down on the sofa leaning down to kiss her hod how i miss the feelin of being inside her its been almost a month scince then and its killing me i feel bad for thoes who wait 9 months in the end its worth it tho....i hope so or my poor mate will spend a while in that bed of ours

I whimpers wanting more

"When will you have this child woman.....i need my release and you being a sexy godess 24/7 is not helping at all"

She giggled at my whining

"Soon enough you will be the only one in me.....that much i know"

God can she not be attractive its starting to hurt

"Stop it"

"Stop what honey"

"That!" i was hovering over her making sure not to put pressure on the baby

"What do you mean?" she placed an inosent look on her face only serving for me to want her more

"You have no idea how this hurts" i probably seem like the most desperate man in the world but after the mating process is  complete the pull to your mate is much stronger and harder to resist...your primal instict to reproduce duplicates so imagine what me being alpha is instead of being horney and desperate i become a wreck everything my mate does makes me want to fuck her into the next day not even go slow and make love just slam into my mate and not active  with her for almost a month is ticking me off

'We must pleasure mate!'
'Tanner shes carrying a pup ....we cant exactly pleasure her without it hurting'
"Mate i need mate!'
'Please she looks good as it is dont make it harder'
'Look at her legs '

I decided it was best to block tanner out he is not much help at the moment

"I am hungrey"i quickly got up to make her food


(Reds p.o.v)

God this food blake gave me is amazing he is truly a worthy mate.....he has cared for me .....loved me and now we are going to have a child this cant get any better i have to make it last

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