chapter 1

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a/n okay so this is like my first official werewolf story i have tryed before and utterly failed i hope you like this i am open to suggestions any time


"mine" i could see her eyes in shock she was beautiful her eyes were a dark shade of blue her hair was a honey color that made me want to run my hand threw them her lips don't get me started on those plump things i cant even imagine what i would do if she so much as said my name a smirk made its way on my face as i thought about her saying my name "mate?"she was confused i didn't like that i felt like she was going to reject me no i cant let that happen she was made for me and me only "yes your my mate whats the problem?" i could see her look at me in disbelief my heart was shrinking slowly and painfully did she not like me back?did i not meet her expectations? then it hit me hard the cold truth my mate was the one thing my kind could not tolerate my mate was what terrorized our kind as we did to them my mate killed to live my mate was nothing else but a vampire soon my face showed the same confused look this had to be a mistake how didn't i see it sooner i was just so caught up on the whole i found my mate thing to really process what she was how am i supposed to mate a creature like that wolfs and bats don't necessarily get along shes our mate ours only my wolf tanner was whining what should i do smart guy shes a blood sucker for crying out loud my wold growled at me for calling her that she may be a blood sucker but shes our blood sucker tanner was right like always only the moon goddess know why this vampire was mine but i would be lieing if i said i wasn't attracted to her the smell of vampire's would make me want to die but this one smelled like roses god i could bathe in her sent that's more like it i swear tanner may be my wolf but its pretty clear we were two different people in one body i was the play boy sexy big ego guy and then tanner the wise lover boy with the thought of his one and only mate "what is your name?" i at least had a right to know her name "red night and yours" red such a simple yet beautiful name the thought of me saying her name was enough to make my wolf howl "red..." i tested loving the way her name came out of my mouth i knew it effected her as well because she closed her eyes with a soft smile "Blake waters" she had a look of satisfaction like she approved of my name "Blake" the way my name came out of her mouth there was no doubt she was my mate and fuck it all i am not letting this one go shes to valuable

"were do you live?" it was really late and it was getting cold out side we were at a party when i found her "ugh i am 18 for fucks sake i can go home on my own!" so she was 18 i guess i don't have to worry about that part

"you only have to choices go home with me or get dropped off" personally her going with me is not the problem i would enjoy that very much especially in my room but my pack is not exactly friendly especially towards vampires

"can i ask of you one favor i swear i will get out of your life afterward" what hell no if me doing her a favor meant her leaving me i don't think its that easy honey i get what i want and keep what is mine and that's exactly what red was "no"

" what do you mean no?why?" was she this clueless

"i am not going to do you a favor if your going to leave me afterward your my mate for crying out loud its not that easy" i could see her pained expression "i thought you rejected me" whoa i could never do that even if she was a vampire "well i didn't reject you"

"please do me this favor it could help you" no i am not doing it if it means loosing her "i said no already"

" look Blake we may not be well the perfect pair but mates help each other out and i am asking you to help me"

i was hurt she was asking me to help her leave me why would i do such a thing my heart was literally made for hers and hers mine i cant just let that go away not like everything else i cared for

"why are you so fond on leaving me when i want you?"

"i don't want to leave you god right now i want nothing more than to rip your clothes off and jump on you i don't think i could leave you if you have this effect on me already"

i smirked at the thought of her on me it felt good knowing your mate felt the same about you

"i will help you what do you need"

"thank you so much i need to spend the night some wear i cant go home smelling like a dog i am a pure blood every one will know i have a mate and found him especially the fact that well your a wolf so i need to find a place to sleep for the night"

that was all she need to say for me to loose control just the thought of her sleeping besides me brought waves of pleasure to my body my lips crashed onto hers as her hands found a way to slip into my black hair my tongue brushed her bottom lip asking for entrance that she quickly gave me as soon as my taste buts met hers heaven was created she tasted so good she was like the best drug in the world and the best part of it was that it was all mine

a moan escaped her mouth causing me to press against her when we finally stoped for air i pressed my forhead against hers

"now that i can do you can stay with me at the apartment i want you to be marked before going to the pack house"

i looked in her deep blue eyes finding comfort

"how do you know if you will be the one to mark me?"

she had a playful smirk on her face

"red there are things you dont know about me and when i say i will mark you i will don't worry your pretty little head about that"

i pulled her tighter on me once again crashing my lips on hers this was going to be a dun night i just know it

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a/n not bad for the first chapter?i hope not i am trying my best here to try make this awesome or some wear close to it let me know what you think so far

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