Chapter 10.1

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Sarah's pov

"What is happening?!"

I exploded. Not literally.

"I mean you call us here, then you go around leaping on furniture, then you start screaming and bleeding and that guy is failing to steal my bike and I'm confused!"

Leo looked at me. The black-haired guy stared at me like I was slightly crazy.

Customers excused themselves and quickly ran for their lives.

The girl who walked through the wall offered out her hand "I'm Serena. These idiots are Penn, Collin and Leo. He's your future husband."

Leo's face flushed red and Collin snorted and started laughing behind his hand.

"Excuse me! No way is that happening! No offense Leo."

He looked away and murmered "You'll have changed your mind long before we get married."

I stared at him. A car pulled up outside and parked. Leo and the little kid started panicking. Knowing his name didn't help as he could be Collin or Penn. I decided he looked like a Terry. The other dude looked like a Luke.

"Leo why is Terry freaking out?"

Terry climbed under a table. Luke, Serena and Leo followed his lead.

"You people are weird."

As I turned to leave I got a text from Leo.

Leo: Distract him

Fine he'll be plenty distracted. I froze him mid step. The door slammed down on him.

Everyone climbed out from under the table. I sat back down.

"Answers. Now."

The little kid raised his hand.

"My name is Penn."

"Thank you. So very much."

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