Chapter 1

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{A/N} the picture thats on the
side is Laila

Laila's P.O.V

"Ok class today we will be switching your seats!" Yelled Mrs. Bennet as she walked into our classroom "ugh....." The whole class replied. "Ya Ya shut your mouths. We're getting a new student today so I expect to best from all of you." We all got our stuff and stood in front of class.
I was standing in the middle of my best friends Bella, Scarlet, and Destiny. "So where do u think the new kid is from" asked Scarlet "I don't know but I hope she's also from Sweden because it would be nice to have someone who knows the same language as me" said Destiny
"It would be even more awesome if she likes One Direction!" Bella "If she does then let me tell you this she'll be the happiest person in the world cause she goes to the same school with them!" Said Scarlet
I wasn't listening. I was zoned out cause I was looking at Zayn..........He's just so perfect in so many ways! I can just die! His hair! His eyes! Are just absolutely perf- " yo Laila u there girl? You zoned out...... AGAIN!" "Yo Bella chill you know she was thinking about Zayn.....but Liam is the cutest!"said Destiny
"Says who? Everyone knows Harry is!" Argued Scarlet "Girl please.....Louis is.........duh!" Bella jumped in.....oh lord help us! It's about to go world war 3 on your ass!
"LADIES" yelled Mrs. Bennet. We all looked at her "yes Mrs. Bennet?" We said in unison "How many times do I have to tell you! No fighting! Now everyone take your seats! Your new seating chart is at the back of the room....." We walked over to the chart after everyone else took a look.
1.Zayn 2.Laila 3.Jenna 4.Niall 5. Jason
1.Alex 2.Debi 3.Tony 4.Bella 5.Louis
1.Mark 2.Jessica 3.Joey 4.Tori 5.Max

I walked over to my seat with the girls and sat down but for some reason two were empty......wait they must be for the new girl.....and boy?or girl! Cause for some reason there were two seats left.....huh....but anyway
It's 5 minutes till school really starts so we'll see soo- then a girl and a boy walk into the room.....I'm guessing there the new kids?
"Ahhhh there they are! The new kids" said Mrs. Bennet "Everyone listen up!" Everyone looked her way. "This is Jenna and Alex! They came from....where are you from again?"
"We're from Italy..."said Jenna I suppose I'd I listen correctly....but she's super pretty! Long brown hair that fades as it goes down. It's super long too. It goes to her butt! I wish I had that hair.....
"Ahhhhh Italy! Such a beautiful and romantic place! But let's get back on track Jenna you sit in between Laila and Niall. Alex you sit next to Debi." She walked over to where I was and sat down. She was very tan.."You must be Laila? I'm Jenna but my friends call me Jen" she said as she extended her hand.
I gladly shook it. Her accent so soft and pretty. I know that Tori gonna gossip about bad stuff about her just because she jelly "yes I'm Laila. It's very nice to meet someone from Italy!" She chuckled softly "Thx!"
"Hey we usually don't do stuff in English so we should get to know each other better! I say we ask each other 5 questions and we also have to answer them!" "Ok sounds fun. You can go first" she agreed
" u have any siblings? I have one brother who's 8 named Timmy and a sister that's named Jaila" "I have Three older brothers and one younger sister. My younger sister is named Jasmin and she's 8.
My oldest brother is Danny who is 22 JAX who is 20 and my twin brother Alex who is 18" she said the last part pointing at the boy who came in with her.
"Cool. Ok your turn" "ok.....ummmmm who is your crush? I had this old crush at my school and his name was Daniel." "Well duh! I like Zayn Malik from one direction" I pointed at zayn and whispered so only she could hear
"wait one direction goes to our school?" She asked confused "YAS!!! ARNT U JUST DYING INSIDE" "To be honest no not really.....I'm not really a big fan of boy bands....sorry" my mouth dropped she waves a hand in front of my face "ummmm Laila you ok there?"
"Hold on for one second please...." " I turned so I was facing the front. "Psh...psh Scarlet!" I know she'll want to kill me later for interrupting her conversation with Harry but this important "hold on one second please" she said and turned around to face me.
"This better be черт возьми (god damn I'm russian) important to interrupt my conversation with Harry!" She whispered/yelled "it is! Jenna the new girl doesn't like one direction...." Her jaw dropped
"wait say what?" "Oh you heard me....but we can't not be friends with her just cause of that!" "Oh yes we can!" "No Scar we can't!" "Why?!" "Cause it isn't the right thing to do! Plus she really nice!"
"Ok fine I'll give her a chance" "and guess what" "what?!" "I think Niall likes her!" "What?! But Niall likes no one he hasn't had a crush ever since freshmen year!" "EXACTLY MY POINT! Have u seen the way he looks at her? Also I think Harry might have a thing for you too......."
"Really!? But no not really I haven't looked at him....I'm looking at Harry for fucks sake" "whatever talk later I'll let you get back to your thing" "Thank you!" Then she turned back around to Harry and I went back to talking to Jenna.

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