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The guy next door is really odd.
He likes to show of his hot rod
Not too the guys but to us girls
He's like 40 so that gross of course.

He watches us everyday
He says we're cute when we play
We're not little kids
we're almost grown.
Stop looking perv
before dad comes home.

He says I'm beautiful
With angle eyes
I told my dad
Now mom cries.

See dad went over
To visit the neighbor.
There were pictures and things
All over a table.

When dad came home he was covered in blood.
Then the cops came and put him in cuffs.

The whole night was crazy
My memory hazy
My dad said I'm safe now
And I was his baby.

So daddy's in jail
Mommy goes thru hell.
I'm all she has left.

I be a good girl and stay out of trouble
But when the light go out
friends call me a rebel

I've learned to fight right
And wield this long knife.
I'll make my dad proud
And defend my own life.


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