Ruin Our Friendship

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     So, It WAS supposed to be a one-shot, but two people who I love to pieces asked (begged) me to continue it. So LaShellMoore3  and UnholyMotherOfSimps  this is for you.
My brain can't process what's happening. I'm hallucinating. The shock has caused me to hallucinate. He gently takes the hand I have on my chest and pulls it up to his lips, kissing my knuckles and then opening my hand to lay little kisses in my palm. "Kei-" is all I can manage to get out. "D, it's ok." He answers leaving one more kiss in my palm before reaching up and pulling my mouth to his.
      His lips were soft, softer than I could have ever imagined. I think my heart stopped. For four years, I dreamed about feeling those lips on mine. His kiss was sweet, chaste. The tears that had spawned when I thought I'd ruined everything spilled down my cheeks with the overwhelming emotions that were racing through me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, pull him into me and never, ever let go. I never wanted to wake from this dream because it was too much to ever let go. I wanted to die in this moment because everything else after would only be disappointment.
       I felt his hand brush my cheek, wiping the tears away and it was like it finally clicked. I threw my arms around him, driving my mouth into his. I felt his tongue give my lips a tiny lick and they parted without hesitation.  We drive our mouths together, hungrily, tongues flicking around each other like we hadn't eaten in weeks. It took me a moment to realize I was walking backwards, Keigo taking the lead. It wasn't until he had backed me up against his door that I opened my eyes and looked at him.
This is actually happening.
          He opened his eyes as he opened the door, one hand on my back so I didn't fall, other working the knob. His eyes were a deep burnished gold and I couldn't help the gasp that escaped into his mouth. I felt him smile against my lips and heard him laugh a little as he kicked the door shut behind him. He continued to back me up, stripping off his coat in the process before my knees hit the bed and I fell backwards with him climbing on top.
           He pulled away from my mouth slowly, licking the corners of his lips where our spit leaked out. "Can I...?" He asked, question trailing off as he lifted my shirt. I grabbed it and ripped I over my head, unable to form words. He just smiled before leaning down kissing my neck. This was...this was everything. His lips were so soft against the scarred skin of my neck, his tongue giving little kitten licks as he went. I let out a ragged breath, trying to keep myself from bursting in my pajamas (again) and he straddled my one leg, grinding his unbelievably massive and painfully hard cock into my thigh.
          I cupped his face in my hands pulling him up so I could see him, my eyes wide, confused, and so very hungry. He turned his face to kiss my one hand, brushing my cheek with the other. "D, I mean it. I've loved you for so long. Why do you think I kept bugging you all these years? Why do you think I suggested we live together?" He paused to drop his face back down, kissing across my Adam's apple, leaving little licks in the hollow of my throat. "I never thought you'd feel the same. Please, let me do this." Of course I'll let you do it. Anything, everything you want-fucking do it.
            He traced his tongue along my collarbone and my whole body melted under him. I reached up and slid my hand under his loose t-shirt, running my fingers up those stupidly defined abs to his chest. I felt him shudder with the motion and it was all I could do to not grab him and flip him over. I brushed his nipples lightly with my thumbs and he moaned from behind his kisses that were now making their way down my chest. He grabbed my one nipple piercing in his mouth, tugging slightly with his teeth. It was like it was directly connected with my back because I arched under the sensation. I looked down at him, honey eyes staring back and he laughed as he held my nipple between his teeth. Ooooooh, it's on bird boy. I couldn't help but smile back as I pinched both of his nipples hard, causing him to gasp and release me from his mouth.
          I leaned up to kiss him, but he pushed me back with one of his feathers as he snaked his body further down on me, leaving little nips of his teeth on my stomach in his wake. Soon his beautiful face was right next to my cock that was tenting my pants. I made a mental note to store this image forever. He yanked down the waistband, causing my dick to bounce back up. He caught it with his mouth on the way, wrapping his lips around the head first, tracing little circles on the underside with his tongue, flicking all around the first of my piercings. "OH FFFUUUCK..." I yell, back arching up even harder as his hand worked over the rest of my stiffness. My hands trembled as I tried with all I had to hold back. He played there just long enough to bring me a step before from the edge before he wiggled his body up just a little and shoved all of me down his throat.
         My body bucked as I moaned out, my hands reflexively grabbing his head. His hair was so soft under my rough hands as he bobbed up and down on me, flicking that absolutely magical tongue across the girth of it and tracing around each piercing. His hand slid between my legs, snaking between my cheeks, finding my hole still soft from my earlier activities. His finger pressed on the outer edge, finding it gave easily. He stopped sucking for a moment, looking up at me, spit escaping the sides of his mouth as he strained around me, gold eyes flashing. Oooooh no I'm keeping THIS image.
He withdrew his exploring hand, reaching it up to my mouth, and I took them in licking and sucking all I could.
         After a moment, he pulled his hand back and plunged two fingers into my ready hole.
"HOLY FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! OH SHIT KEI!" I screamed as he plunged deep, hitting that magic spot. His head started bobbing up and down again as he thrusted and it was more than I could take. "OH SHIT FUCK FUCK KEI I'M GONNA CUM I'M GONNA CUM!!" I frantically tried to push his head away, only to have feathers push my shoulders back so I couldn't reach him as I explode deep in his throat. "FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!" I scream at the top of my lungs as hot spurts pumped into him.
          It wasn't until I stopped twitching that he finally released me from his mouth, having swallowed everything. He licked up one side of me and then the other, cleaning every last literal drop from me. I collapsed back into the pillows, trying to remember my name. He leaned up and our mouths collided like galaxies pulled together by sheer gravitational force. I taste myself on his lips and in his mouth and it becomes surreal all over again. I felt the weight on the bed shift as he stood up yanking off his shirt before dropping both his jeans and boxer briefs in one motion. Shit, he's so beautiful. SHIT, THAT'S A BABY ELEPHANT TRUNK. He climbs back on the bed, sliding between my legs, laying his naked body against mine and every nerve explodes in my body. His skin is so warm where he lays on me. I've never felt such warmth before from another person. He possesses every inch of me and I'm sad I can't give him even more. He buries his face in my chest, snaking his arms under me, squeezing tight as I wrap him in mine. "I can't believe I'm here." He says into my skin. "You and me both." I say kissing the top of his head as he kisses my chest.
He holds tight for another moment before leaning over and grabbing a condom from his bedside drawer. The freight train of thought that ran through my head was so odd. It ranged from a little sadness knowing why he had those in his drawer-because Julie-to I've only ever heard her throes of ecstasy (and imagined or wished I was her every time) to wondering what he sounds like, hoping I was about to find out.
He tore the little square open but before he could go further I grabbed it and said "Wait," He just looked at me confused. "You're not the only one who's wanted this for a long time." I pushed him back and traced my tongue from his ear to the hollow in his throat, across his impressive chest, running my tongue ring over his nipples, drawing a moan from behind clenched teeth that made me stand at attention again. I'm going to like these sounds..I continued my way down, making little zigzags in his abs, tracing circles around his belly button as I traced my thumbs down those v-lines that made me absolutely stupid.
He was quite literally ginormous. I thought dicks like his were either cgi in movies or prosthetics. As I lined myself up with his pet iguana, I heard him start to pant, chest rising and falling heavily in anticipation. Shit-I can't believe he's THIS excited-with ME. My dick throbbed hard as I took everything before me in.
I could see the bead of pre cum glistening on the tip and I resisted the urge to swallow him whole. Nah, I'm going to take my time with this. I lick up one side with just the tip of my tongue and back down the other, avoiding the head entirely. I look up at his face, cheeks flushed, biting hard on his bottom lip, chest rising and falling hard. "Oh my god D-your eyes.." he breathed out. I opened my my mouth and made big mouthed kisses back up the one side of his twitching monster, licking with my tongue flat, trailing my tongue ring wherever my tongue swiped. He arched back and cried out, "AHHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCK D!" His hands clenching by his side. The corners of my mouth twitched up as I kept going, unrelenting. The sounds he makes are enough to make me cum again, Jesus.
When I reached the bottom on the other side, I ran the flat of my tongue up the underside from balls to tip, causing him to buck under me and the groan he was desperately trying to bite back escape his lips. I waited for his back to fall back down to bed and him to look back down at me before I licked that dribbling pre off his head, swirling my tongue around it like an ice cream cone, making sure my piercing hit all the sensitive spots, staring into his shining eyes when I plunged as much of him as I could as far down my throat as I could. Pretty sure that if I could have fit more, he'd have reached my stomach.
He screamed as I wrapped my hands around the rest of him that I couldn't swallow and twisted up and around in time with my bobbing head. His hips thrusting as well as he grabbed fistfuls of my hair. He grabbed tight at first, letting go quickly, like he hadn't meant to grab so hard. That'll change. Pull harder next time. His head falling back as he cried out, back arching up as his hips thrusted further into my throat. "AHHHH FUCK FUCK NO NO NO!" He screamed and grabbed me by the ears, forcing me off him. My turn to look confused. He just sat there for a moment, eyes closed, chest heaving. "I...I first time coming with be with you." He panted out after a moment. Is this real life? I just smiled as I looked at him, spit running down the dermals in my chin. He leaned forward, licking up the dribbles and I think I purred. I picked up the rubber, putting the tip between my lips, then leaned down, unrolling it onto his pipe with my lips as far as I could, finishing with my fingers. His eyes rolled back and he moaned openly as I did it, tackling me as soon as it was on. He lifted my legs over his shoulders, rubbing the entrance with the tip as he dribbled on it, making it even slicker. "I'll go slow. Tell me if it hurts." He whispered. I don't give a FUCK if it hurts, fucking rail me with that monster. He kept his word, taking it slow until I opened up completely to him and we both moaned as he went up to the hilt, hitting every spot on the way. He leaned forward and kissed me, deep and hard as he began thrusting. "OH SHIIIIIIITTT KEI-OH MY FUCK!" I couldn't hold it in. "FUCKING HELL D YOU'RE SO DAMN TIGHT OH SHIT SHIT SHIT!" He cried out. He stilled himself for a minute, breathing hard, head on my shoulder.
He snaked his hand down to my throbbing cock, wrapping it with those ridiculous fingers, causing my breath to catch in my throat. He started stroking and it sent shockwaves through my whole body to be filled with him as he jacked me. I felt control of my quirk slipping and little blue sparks sprang from my fingertips. I tried to hold my hands away from him, afraid I'd hurt him. He sent two of his hardened feathers out and pinned my wrists to the metal bed frame over my head.
He leaned back and started thrusting faster and harder, gaining in intensity with each one until he was pounding so hard, the bed was banging into the wall behind us. His moans coming out feral growls now, driving me even higher. I felt the heat snaking through my body as it coiled into that spot that pulled me closer and closer to the edge. "FUCK YES FUCK FUCK SHIT!" I screamed. "FUUUUUUUCCCK TOUYA!" MY NAME, HE SAID MY NAME. Everything clenched and I exploded. Hot shoots of white painting his hand and my stomach and I felt his body tense hard. "OH SHITTTTTT FUUUUUCCCKKK TOUYA OH MY GOOOOODDDDD!" He screamed-like top of his lungs screamed-his hips bucking hard as his cock jerked and spurted inside me.
He fell over top of me after a minute, releasing the feathers at my wrists, not pulling out. I could feel him still twitching as he laid in the mess on my stomach, both of us panting hard. He laid his head on my chest again, face down, and I ran my hand through his hair. I leaned down to kiss the top of his head as he ran his hand down to my free hand, twining his fingers into mine and pulling it up to his lips. "I had no idea you had everything pierced." He said grinning up at me. I just smiled and wiggled my eyebrows at him. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him up to face level with me. "Kei....Did you hear everything I said through that feather?" I asked. He looked me square in the eye and nodded. "I hadn't meant to, but once I heard your voice, I couldn't turn it off. I've loved you for so long...I..." his voice broke with the last part and I felt the tears coming up again. What kind of bitch am I crying after sex? What the actual fuck? I tried to will them away, but this was everything-EVERY SINGLE THING-I've wanted for the past four years. He put a hand on my cheek and I looked down at him, eyes glassy as well. "Look at us-is this a cheesy rom-com or something?" I said laughing and getting him to laugh. "Oh my god don't laugh!" He said and we both realized he was still inside me, which didn't help the laughter issue at all.
He finally separated from me and stood to throw the condom away. I rolled on my side to watch him walk. Dat ass tho.... Something on his pillowcase caught my eye and as I examined it, I realized what I was looking at. " this my tshirt?" I asked "Mmmmmmayyyybeeeeee?" He said looking over his shoulder sheepishly. I just shook my head. "Damn, I could take a nap." I said. "Oh I don't think so." He replied, a sly tone in his voice. I side-eyed him as he came back closer, opening the bedside drawer again. "We're nowhere close to being done."

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