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Aurora lupin POV
A/n: I took addicted to you down so I could rewrite/edit it. I'm just rewriting some cringey parts lol

I sat at the slytherin table across from Kiara while dumbledore gave his famous first day speech I tuned him out.

"I can't believe it's our last year at Hogwarts" Kiara said.

I turned my attention to her looking up from my plate.

"I'm gonna miss it" I smiled shyly.

"Now before I dismiss you to your common rooms I would like to introduce to you all a new student" dumbledore said, I turned my head towards him and he put his arms out to the door of the great hall.

"Mattheo riddle"

Gasps and whispers filled the great hall as everyone quickly snapped their heads to the door.

Riddle, as in Tom riddle. my heart pounded, the son of a psychopath. I turned my head to the door a tall male with dark brown hair entered the great hall. He was already in slytherin robes he must have already been sorted. Not very shocking that he was sorted into slytherin.

The closer he got to me the more I could make out what he looked like, his face showed no emotion as he continued to walk closer he had a small scar on his left cheek and a big scar on his forehead all the way down his cheek on his right side.

For a split second his brown eyes connected with mine before I quickly looked back down at Kiara. Why would dumbledore let Tom Riddles son into Hogwarts? It made no sense. Kiaras eyes went wide looking up past me I furrowed my eyebrows together confused.

I looked to my side to see none other than Mattheo at my side he looked down at me still with no emotion, he placed his hands on the table infront of him beside me and sat down. I looked straight up at Kiara panicking.

He didn't say anything and I definitely wasn't going to say anything the whole hall was still whispering about him.


Breakfast was awkward...

I don't know why he would sit next to me out of everywhere else to sit.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, I unpacked and hung out with Kiara and Lucy. I hadn't seen mattheo since breakfast but everyone was talking about him.

I made my way to the astronomy tower after my roommate Kiara fell asleep. I could never fall asleep the first night back to Hogwarts. I rested my arms on the railing looking at the stars.

I heard heavy footsteps coming up behind me I quickly turned around. Mattheo Riddle stood by the entrance of the astronomy tower holding a cigarette in his hand.

"Smoking kills you know" I stated, he shrugged and walked to the railing grabbing a lighter out of his pocket. he put the cigarette between his lips and lit it in inhaling the smoke as he looked forward. The moonlight hit his skin perfectly, I tried not to stare but it was quite difficult not to. not only because he was the son of Tom Riddle but because he wasn't that harsh on the eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked quietly turning his attention to me "Aurora Lupin." I replied looking away from him and back at the stars. It was hard to keep eye contact with someone so intimidating.

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