Reject Me Now, Regret it Later, Mate (Editing)

Aubrey was a pack reject. By her sisters, her brother, even her own Mate , for her freakish, purple and gold glowing eyes. The only thing close to love she's ever gotten was from her parents, and the Alpha. Who've died trying to make it right. After being banned, she stumbles onto another pack's territory where she's accepted, trained, considered for the first time and discover that there's more behind her eyes, and her weird visions of a mysterious wolf guiding her around than meets the eyes around her. But what happens when she's forced to reunite with her old pack to protect the Werewolf race, in fear of the Shadow's of the Past to return to haunt them all?
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I love how you started the story , this was the first book I've read that started like this.
I don't get dose your mate not feel your pain hurting you is basically hurting himself
I like how she started the book. it was unique and I never seen a intro like that before
This is a stupendous beginning. I absolutely
positutely cannot wait to read the rest.
<3 BisncaMV
@booklover1003 I was going to say that but I,like your colorful worfs lets have all of our colorful words rain down on zayden
I like you you practically told them off by comment too bad they can't hear you.

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