Living Like Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty? Ha! That girl had it easy. My name is Morgan Peters and I fall asleep at random times of the day due to a condition I have called Narcolepsy. And because of my evil grandmother, I'm sent to live in California with my twin brother. So instead of living in a palace in some fairytale land... I get California. And while Sleeping beauty slept for years, I can't control when I sleep. Lastly... Sleeping beauty got Prince Charming... I got Scott Williams. Hot, cocky and a definite heartbreaker. How will a girl who never knew life outside of her comfort zone survive in world that has a new surprise that could knock her off her feet at every corner? Well, who said living a fairy tale was ever easy?
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Oh if someone ever said that to my children when I have kids all hell will break loose!!!
Love the story!!!!

I saw a documentary about narcolepsy 3 years ago I think on Channel 4 or BBC
I know right! The bïtch needs to wash her mouth and think it's actually a serious condition
I usually dislike stories with 3rd((if not mistaken)) POV but this was amazing and I will def vote & comment bc this is so cool ((:
I like the lead up into this story really good. You get info naturally rather then force feed.
I don't understand why it's so hard for people to put their foot down when they don't want someone unwanted in their home 

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