Living Like Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty? Ha! That girl had it easy. My name is Morgan Peters and I fall asleep at random times of the day due to a condition I have called Narcolepsy. And because of my evil grandmother, I'm sent to live in California with my twin brother. So instead of living in a palace in some fairytale land... I get California. And while Sleeping beauty slept for years, I can't control when I sleep. Lastly... Sleeping beauty got Prince Charming... I got Scott Williams. Hot, cocky and a definite heartbreaker. How will a girl who never knew life outside of her comfort zone survive in world that has a new surprise that could knock her off her feet at every corner? Well, who said living a fairy tale was ever easy?
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My aunt narcolepsy and many other life time problems, yet she is not allowed a disabled persons pass.
dude this is so me except for the sleep part, but my brother is so outgoing and friendly and I just walk around looking like I'm about murder spmepne ... fml
I have narcolepsy. It isn't exactly how you're putting it out there, but you're still doing a good job! Great book so far!
Every story I read there is always a chloe. But that's my name so I can't really talk :P
@LilyMollyMoony, they weren't born at the same time. Chase was born 4 minutes earlier than her.
Ashley is basically me my best friends ex called her the b word so i punched him in the face.

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