Possessive... Harry styles

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What happens when Payton tries to fit in with her room mates by going out. Payton soon finds herself in a situation with one of Las Vegas gangs. She's soon picked by the Harry styles forcing her to do whatever he pleases.
Wtf is the prob with you @Alexis1069 I can't stand mistakes in stories so I just had to correct it.
@MrsStylesxxx2 dunno....I feel like someone should say that....
I've read this book once before and I loved it but then I deleted it and I couldn't find it again I was sad but now I found and I've pretty much just started say hallelujah over and over again in my head weird but the truth.
um sadly? i really hope this is the last time you use this word in this chapter id much prefer you to misspell everything than ever re-use a word until its dead NICE PREMISE THOUGH
That's my best friends name and my sisters but there Daniella
u do. u fit in with the whole wattpad world, enter our world.