Possessive... Harry styles

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What happens when Payton tries to fit in with her room mates by going out. Payton soon finds herself in a situation with one of Las Vegas gangs. She's soon picked by the Harry styles forcing her to do whatever he pleases.
Not sure about that but I can think of something that would fit in you...
Lol me is a grammer freak but me can contain mesulf wid dose
I mean, the story is great, yes. But some more touching up wuld be great BUT LOVE IT
Yeah, 4 mistakes during chapter 1. I'm so sorry! Such a grammar police XD!! AHHHH! But I love it
Not me ! People who like me for who I am, love you bae! People who don't, I silently cry in the shower. Jk.... I sob
Ooo I have a bad feeling about myself!! Please don't be a b*tchy best friend!!