Killer Truths [The Killer Series: 2]

[Completed] (Fan-fiction/Romance) "Picture perfect wasn't what I was looking for anymore. It no longer appealed to me like it once did. Today, well, today I'm just looking for livable because for some damn bloody reason, perfect, great and amazing aren't possible for me." Ginny Weasley's once picture perfect came, went and now she's left with her daughter, Amélie, and the noisy, crowded city they now live in. She's been disowned, left by her lover and now, she's incredibly lonely. It's her fault, partially, at least; she knows that much. Now, many years pass by and Life coupled along with Fate have a rocky road set out for Ginny, her daughter and the man she truly loves. Sequel to Killer Lies <3
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maybe try my story? called rings, about love and horses, n hot boys ♡ 
not tryna be rude
I am sorry I am a HUGE fan of your stories but I can't do Drinny. I can't. I am a Hinny fan ALL THE WAY
wow that is a very very fast jump forward....17 years and draco still hasnt showed up??? DFNHGIOERJRJZSIJJZDFKLNS
I have only one thing to say about this chapter: TOO SHORT!!!! :D
This is amazing <3
Please upload this again soon!! (but don't forget about tnt!)
It's really good so far. It has recaptivated me because it has suddenly gotten so mysterious ;)
aaaaahhh!!! i can't contain my excitement for this chapter!!!! please put another chapter up soon????

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