The Poetic Imagination: For Homeworks and School Papers

A collection of the best poetry by the author through his life. In this book, you can read the poems that are the result of the author's imagination, experiences, or a thought that needs attention. His works are allowed to be used as homework or for school papers.
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wow i really enjoyed this poem it really reminds me of the last day of elementary school and i haven't 
thought about that  in  awhile!
Wait.... you're the founder of Mendez Covers?!??! I had NO idea!! Until I read your name of course. Oh god! O.O
It really is quite in powering and such a inspirationally work of words and i love it

This is really cool! Love how it's a different style to some of your other poems and the simplicity of it. Very well done! Keep up the amazing work!!!
Very good! :D
I love how your writing poems over a large range of topics, very creative and cool.
Keep it up!!!!!
xo Amy.
really pretty and love how u wrote liberty at the end of each verse kinda reminding the reader of the topic every time :D

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