The Poetic Imagination: For Homeworks and School Papers

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ChronicCreator By ChronicCreator Updated 2 years ago
A collection of the best poetry by the author through his life. In this book, you can read the poems that are the result of the author's imagination, experiences, or a thought that needs attention. His works are allowed to be used as homework or for school papers.
Immanuel_IMG Immanuel_IMG 3 years ago
Wait.... you're the founder of Mendez Covers?!??! I had NO idea!! Until I read your name of course. Oh god! O.O
Immanuel_IMG Immanuel_IMG 3 years ago
Uuuu I love the table of contents! Feels like an actual book!
SkyRed SkyRed 3 years ago
:D that was good :D im not sure if it should be called preface pretty sure that was like an author/artists note...but it has a different name.... anways whocares it was good :D
flowcherry flowcherry 3 years ago

I certianly will when I get around to it :)