Frying Pans and Paint Cans Don't Match. Right?

Skye Rain is the new girl at Kellyko High School, where people are turning their heads to get a glance of her. Behind her happy smile she has her secrets and pains like every other person does. Her passion for Art is one of the most important things in her life besides her family, though what happens when something else is competing for first place? Will she give her life long dream up for a feeling known as love? Sorry this blurb is a bit funny though I'm still unsure of the story plot :) x
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Haha I love Skye already! She seems a lot like me! Can't wait to see how running to school is going to work. I'm guessing it won't, but you never know.
Frying Pans and Paint Cans rhymes x)
A few mistakes, but understandable! :]  Hope this story gets off hold soon :D
lol! loved the doctors office!! wall full of paintings! o_0
loved her name too!!!! and her conscious seems like a pain, but sarcasticly funny! ;)
yay!! You uploaded again! Aahhh lucky sod, your on holiday. >:( Cant wait for more :)
@Marystar1212 well I've already read 1, 2 and 3 (AND DYING FOR MORE) please update soon please!!! :D
:D you updated!! Yay!! Why'd you change the title? And what does this title mean? :D yay! Can't wait for the next chapters :D

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