There's A Jock in My Bed! (BoyxBoy)

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Not With A Whimper, But With A Bang. By Poetically-Damaged Completed
#1 in the "There's A..." series.
    [Editing] He’s popular, I’m a nobody. He’s a senior, I’m a freshman.  He goes to wild parties, I stay home all night. So how did he end up in my bed?  Where will it go from here and how much will he pay to keep it all a secret? (Boyxboy) Cover by @LoveInsanity
I'm Dan Howell I've turned into an octapus my limbs are flailing everywhere
Ahh man I would be pissed if someone broke all my Berry White CDS
Yes, one time I woke up with a broken arm, my hair was dyed rainbow, I was wearing a kitten shirt and blue pants, and my best friend Chandler was lying next to me.
Well that would be Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Go get addicted on it ^^
Honey, you got drunk off your àss and then your àss got pounded
Look in the pool and tell me if there are any pink flamingos