There's A Jock in My Bed! (BoyxBoy)

#1 in the "There's A..." series. [Editing] He’s popular, I’m a nobody. He’s a senior, I’m a freshman. He goes to wild parties, I stay home all night. So how did he end up in my bed? Where will it go from here and how much will he pay to keep it all a secret? (Boyxboy) Cover by @LoveInsanity
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Is it okay if I started growing a chest when I was ten. No I wouldn't think so...
So they are incoming freshman so they are 13 and are having smex?? Umm little too young just saying but I do like the book aside from the age...
Dont make me snap my fingrrs in a z formation
hips hips
elbows elbows
wrists wrists
ooohhhhh Boy! you just got dissed!
He was bottom with the jock. He has the power...THAT NO SEME COULD RESIST! the power....of Uke butt power.
@leereon no a scrub is a guy who can't get no love from you, and sometimes scrubs may turn our to be, as you say, "manwhores".
OMG, I just bust out laughing and my granny yelled out get to bed mackenzie!!!!! so silent laughing here I come!!

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