Holding On Forever... (Sequel to Don't Let Go)

(Sequel To Don't Let Go). The first half of Riley Yeager's senior year has been anything but easy. She's hoping that her return to school after being kidnapped will lead to a six months free of drama so she can graduate without any hiccups, but it seems that fate has other ideas. She finds herself facing the truth of what happened to her recently, as she struggles to cope with the various torments of her past, and when her best friends seem to be constantly at odds, she isn't sure which way to turn. Riley begins to lose herself amidst the drama that is her life, which surrounds her. The only person she knows she can hold on to, is Finn Evans, and she's holding on forever!
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omg i loved this book but it made me cry well bad and i dont ever cry while reading books AMAZING BOOK THOUGH! XXX
I loved ur ending it was nice not to think I knew how it would end. Everyone else if it so bad write your own book. Its her book her ending not urs.
Your ending made me really depressed and I think a lot of people are going to unfan you now because of how you ended them. I hope your happy.........
I cried full on throddle for 10min in the car my sister had to listen to me cry and weep the n I had to excuse myself from the car.
i think that the couple shud get devorced then riley should marry danny and lucy can have finn..
i just read the whole first book in less then 24 hours! im so excited for this book! :)

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