My Dark Knight (COMPLETED)

Skylar lives in a world where her pack is slowly and deliberately being obliterated by the merciless Black Mountains Pack, led by their vicious and cruel Alpha, Gabriel. So what happens when she learns that the tyrant Gabriel is her soul mate? Soon, Skylar will discover that there is much more to Gabriel than meets the eye, and there are dark forces surrounding them that will put both of their packs in great danger. --- ((IMPORTANT: I am going to start editing this, slowly, chapter by chapter. I feel like my writing has improved drastically since I began work on this book, and I'd love for My Dark Knight to reflect that. I do want to get it published one day, so the book may be going through some minor changes, though nothing drastic, at least on Wattpad... )) This story has been completed as of 10/14/13. All rights reserved.
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Right like damn I'm not even fully into it and I feel sad cause u know... Ah whiz man the feels
Thank you for you for understanding his much I love werewolves. I would walk up to one calmly and peacefully pet it. Love your user <3
just started reading but i'm almost sure that this is going to be a very good one.
And now we see something that is a great rarity in the land of "Wattpad". Actual good writing.
*deep breath* wait did you smell that?.

I-I smell rouge woahhhhhhh

just kidding
I love commas myself, like many other commenters, its why my sentences always turn out kinda long...

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