The Wild Ones

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PrincetonLOVE_ By PrincetonLOVE_ Updated 7 months ago
Bianca Portilla is a good little mommy's girl from Crowning High while Jacob Perez is a sneaky bad boy all the way from Brantley High. Let's see what happens when a Good girl gets involved with a Bad boy.
ImWeird_ ImWeird_ 6 months ago
Lol who says that then walks away and then he is going to say check for aids im too done!!!! but good story i like it so far
KaylieB KaylieB a year ago
I laughed so hard lmfao! Like forrelas Jacob I would have kick him in the nuts for say that to my mom lol.
If I was Bianca, Jacob would not live to see the next day. But, with my mom, neither will I. LOL
LaniLove97 LaniLove97 2 years ago
LOL. No he didn't just tell her Mom that. OhMyGosh, that is too funny.
-vinyl -vinyl 2 years ago
re-reading for the 3rd time just going back and commenting and voting. Loved the first chapter got me hooked! I just love Jacob's charater with a passion.