Denial. (Mindless behavior fanfiction.)

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Sierra; By Sierra; Completed
Mindless behavior, the OMG girlz, Jacob Latimore, and Myles all go on a tour almost a year long. Everyone comes in as close friends, but everyone began to split up and become mortal enemies when lies, fights, and more is laid out on the table. Everyone will soon learn, that you cant trust your closest friends.
I still wonder how in the hell could a good book like dis fit in 1 chappie. This was an already read story and loved it
Really that's your fault.. Maybe if you stop letting people think for you things would go your way
This hoe stupid if she missed two months she missed he period twice and she skipping around happy go lucky.... Ohmygawd
Sooooooo y not prod n prince n Ray n roc if u don't want fights
Just realizing that Keisha put the two people who don't like each other together 
so he can't go pow pow anymore with his wife if you get what I mean