Denial. (Mindless behavior fanfiction.)

Mindless behavior, the OMG girlz, Jacob Latimore, and Myles all go on a tour almost a year long. Everyone comes in as close friends, but everyone began to split up and become mortal enemies when lies, fights, and more is laid out on the table. Everyone will soon learn, that you cant trust your closest friends.
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@Ashley_Jay and @ILoveRayRay143143 Thank you!!! I thought I was the only one who was thinking that.
I feel this is the kind of story that should be made into a movie. Like, omg it was so  amazing!:)
star should've known better than to stay in tht bus alone with roc if she know what's gonna go down
Shut up prod with yo irrelevant ass cause he didn't do it. While you tryna play Dr.Phil you need to be Sherlock Holmes and find out the truth.
This Is My Second Time Reading It I Jus Love It  I Have Been Looking For It For Forever  Good Job!
I loved the story . I started off not liking star now I LOVE her . Fuck Jay tho . Her punk ass . Anne fucked her up

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