The Elemental Power

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The Elemental Power


In the beginning, there were five families that had the power to control the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. But not everyone in the world was happy. Only these five families were to have these powers, and others were jealous of this and sought to take these powers for themselves, by any means possible. This time has come to be known as the Dark Age in History, stained with blood and death. All of the members of the five families were hunted down and killed without mercy, although some committed suicide to stop those who were mad for power from gaining what should never be theirs.




It's the middle of the night and I wake in a warm sweat, my senses reeling at nothing. I've learned to rely on my senses; they've always seemed to be better than everyone else's, even when I have a cold! So straight away I know something is wrong. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Dominic. I'm an orphan and have been since I was only a baby; I was found deep in the woods by a stranger on a morning walk. I know nothing of my family, not even if they are alive or dead. But enough about me, let's get back to the reason I woke up.

"Is anyone there?" I whisper, my sheet clutched to my chin. Not that I expect an answer; I've woken many times with this strange feeling like I'm being watched yet never seeing a soul. It always seems that I'm never alone in my life; or more like I'm sort of invisible. Even in my various foster homes. I have already been adopted many times but I've always been taken back. They never tell me the reasons why I'm being taken back to the orphanage; it only seems like I return faster than I leave. But this time I actually managed to stick. For whatever reason, my new foster parents haven't sent me back, not yet anyway. The bad news is that they are drug dealers, who use me as a courier for their business. It's not nice, not at all, but if I didn't they say that I won't live to see my next birthday.

"BOY GET DOWN HERE" Graham shouted. That's my foster dad. He's the main operator of their business while owning a business of his own; a construction company. It's how he transports his drugs into the country without getting caught; that and the cops he bribe's and he hates me. Now Lisa isn't as bad as her husband; but she does make sure that there are no problems occurring with the distribution side of their illegal business. To look at the you wouldn't think that they were drug dealers; but I guess looks can be deceiving.  

"Dominic please come down here" Lisa called up. She never shouted at me to hurry up. 

I ran down to meet them at the bottom of the stairs; "Yes, sir" Graham always wants me to call him 'Sir' if not he hits me, as a lesson.  

"We have a delivery for you to take to a new customer so don't screw it up"; "Yes sir". This is what I hated doing; but I know no one would believe me if I told them. Not that anyone cared about me. 

Now let me explain a little about there; little on the side business. Now you might think that with them being foster parents; that everything about them would be known. We'll you were wrong they know how to hide their operations quite well. Also that the cops they bribe are high ranking. They mostly deal in heroin but also sometimes in cocaine. But even I didn't figure this out until a few weeks ago; when I stumbled upon Graham in a meeting with his supplier. Let's just say that I was sore all over my body that night. 

"You are going to a new part of town; down by the docks. You got that boy" Graham never trusted me in this job. Because he knew that I could ruin them if I talked. But they both taught me a lesson the first time they used me as a courier.

Graham used his fist's to teach me not to say anything; but what Lisa did was much worse; i still can't think about it without bursting out in tears. But i'll tell you this; I'll always do what they say so it never happens again.

"Once you finish the drop, go get a treat Dominic" Lisa stated; its was also my 17th birthday today. One more year till i can leagally leave the foster system. Weither i can leave Graham and Lisa; it depends if it can get away.

It took me half an hour to reach the docks and by that time i wasn't feeling well just like the when i woke up; but this time it was worse. Like my whole body was on fire; now you might think thats how a werewolf who is about to change for the first time feels. Get a grip; nothing like that exists.

I don't know why but it seemed that the closer that i got to the water; the more it seemed to get worse. I got to the drop off point but there was no one there; but that wasn't unusual sometimes; 

they would arrive 10 minutes late; also i didn't know how long I could stay there as i seemed to be getting worse and i was scared.

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