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when you think life couldn't get any worse!


Today I woke up in the hospital.I looked around and saw a nurse and she came over to me.I felt like getting sick and I just looked at her.

"Are you ok?".She asked looking at me.

"Ugh depends on what you mean.I'm ok but why am I here?".I asked looking at her.The last thing I remember was being in a car with my parents going to my brothers house.Wait where are they?

"Em you were in a car crash and you are lucky to still be alive".

"Wait then wheres my parents".I said sitting up.Big mistake I was in bits.I winced in pain.

"They died as soon as they got here and we couldn't do anything.I'm so sorry".She said when she saw me crying.They cant be dead because I should be dead too.Its not fair why could I not of died and they live.

"No you lieing if that was true I would be dead too".I said trying to get off the bed but she wouldn't let me."Get off me ok just leave me alone and get out!".I screamed and she did as I asked and went.I cried for ages after that.I'm seventeen with no parents so now what the hell am I going to go tell me that!.I felt like I felt like my life was falling down around me.Then my brother walked in.He looked at me then he hugged me and I hugged him back and cried harder.

"Shh its ok".He kept saying over and over.

"No its not going to be ok because mam and dad are dead ans I have no where to bloody go".I said through sobs.

"You are ganna stay with me.All your stuff is already moved in".He said and pulled away.

"But what about school and all my mates I just cant leave all that behind".I said whipping my eyes.

"I'm sorry but you are going to have to".He said looking at me.

"Ok fine why not and when do I get out of this place?".I asked looking around.The room was white and kinda small.

"Well today at this minute so lets go".He said laughing.I laughed too and got up.I told him to wait out side while I got dressed and got my stuff together.

        When I was at his house I had a long shower and got dressed into clean clothes. I went downstairs and was made have something to eat.

"Dylan how long was I in hospital for?".I asked looking at my brother.

"1 week.You were in a coma and you woke up earlier then they thought you would".He said smiling at me.

"Oh that long.Well is it ok if I go out for awhile and see some of my mates and tell them I'm ok?".I asked smiling back at him knowing he would say no.

"Em yeah sure why not but you only have an hour because you are meant to be resting".He said giving in.I thought he would say no but I was wrong.

"Dylan when do I have to go to the new school?".I asked hoping it wasn't tomorrow.

"Tomorrow and you have to go and yes I know I said you have to rest but you need to go to school too so you are going no matter what you say".He said pointing his finger at me.

"Ok fine no need for the finger pointing and would you like me to bring Ally out?".I asked.Ally was his baby girl.She was 2 months old and had brown hair and deep blue eyes.

"Um sure if you promise to look after her".He said going to get her.I texted my mate Jelly and told her I was on my way.

      When I got to the park all my mates were there.Jelly,Amanda,Nibbler,Cat,Keith,Mark,Heath and Gary.They were aged 15 to 19.They are the bestest mates I have ever had.

"Heya guys".I said as they all hugged me at the same time.I felt like crying because I missed them so much but I didn't.

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when you think life couldn't get any worse!


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