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The Next Uchiha - SasuSaku/Naruto Love Stories



Hey guys! For those who have been skipping the previous chapters, you missed all the fun:( I repeat, there are NO fillers in this story:3 Mannga/Novels are way too different with the anime lol:)

VOMMENT. It means a lot to me:)


"Where's Sai, he's assigned to you, right?" Ino asked anxiously.

Sakura glanced at her sorroundings, searching for the pale-skined ninja who looks a lot like Sasuke. "Well, he's an ANBU. The next thing you know is that they're spying on you."

That gives her the idea. "Do you think he's after Sasuke?" Ino asked firmly hoping that Sakura and Hinata might get the idea.

Sakura also thought of it too. "What? No. Sai's not that type of guy, you know."

Ino sighed in relief. Now what to talk about? Well, Hinata was lucky to be getting out in the hospital safe and sound. Great. Now I get to spend the whole week with this stupid bandage inside a hospital. Her blue eyes search the entire room. Almost four--three, yes three. are missing.

"Speaking of, where's Tenten, Lee and Neji?" The purple Kunoichi was aware of their absence.

"W-what time is it already?" Sakura asked, getting a little bit worried with the trio.

"I-it's a-already t-ten fifteen..." Hinata answered.

That's strange, Sakura thought. They told her they'd be off to trai and go back at the hospital to have a meeting.

Even Shikamaru and the others were hiding the look on their faces.

Neji, Lee, Tenten... Just where the heck are you guys? Sakura asks, her mind shifting at the reality.


Neji was enjoying the breeze that air blows, the way his shoulder-length hair moved from side-to-side. He was sitting on the grass, his right knee was bent as his arm rested on it. It was a good morning; his pearl eyes would often meet the sun's shimmering gaze, the birds usually sing and chirp... But clearly this was no excuse for his sparring partner to be late at this moment.

Neji looked within his sorroundings. She's supposed to spar with me. He thought what time is it already. Ten-thirty or something? Eleven? Who knows. Maybe something's with her.

He's wondering where the heck could She and Lee go? Tenten was always punctual whenever it comes to her training, there's nothing in the world that could stop her from getting early. Like Neji says, she never misses.

The Hyuga was interrupted by a flash of green running to him, his eyes were full of guilt. He panted as he reached him as Neji hasn't had the slightest idea of what's going on.

"N-neji-kun!" Lee cries, his right palm wiping the sweat over his forehead.

"Lee? Where have you and Tenten been up to?" Neji's eyes search for any Kunoichi besides him, but it seems like Lee had lots of explaining to do.

How to put it this way without pissing him off. Lee was afraid he might put the blame on him when he's absolutely done nothing. "G-go-omenas-sai, b-but--"

"Just spit it out!" Neji was turning red.

"S-she's gone! After doing 300 laps while waiting for her outside her house, I-I--"

"I thought I told you to look after her?!" Neji swore his look could've shattered Lee's face.

Lee looked into the palm of his hands. If only he could playback what happened earlier, when he waited several minutes just to respect her privacy and in the end the blame was on him.

"Tenten! Open the door!" Lee ordered as his arms were slamming the door.

It's been twenty minutes since Tenten told him she'd be right back. Go get her stuffs, her scrolls as Lee decided to take that time as an opportunity to gain more excercise. Until the clock was ticking, the Green Shinobi had almost

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