Six Overprotective Brothers and My Abusive Alpha Mate!...


Benni: 16yrs. old, main character, real name- Benecia

Sven: 16yrs. old, Benni's twin 

Dare: 17yrs. old, youngest of triplets, real name- Darell

Eg: 17yrs. old, second oldest of triplets, real name- Egnar 

Ray: 17yrs. old, oldest of triplets, real name- Raven 

Arya: 18yrs. old, Hunter's mate 

Cloud: 18yrs. old, loving brother

Nathan: 18yrs. old, alpha werewolf of the whole U.S., powerful, real name- Nathaniel 

Hunter: 19yrs. old, alpha werewolf, Arya's mate

Chapter 1 

Benni's POV: 

I love the feeling of the pine trees brushing against my fur and the smell of the lake on my left side. If only my brothers would leave me to run alone. 'ok Benni, that's far enough, we should get back,' spoke my brother Raven, but we all call him Ray for short, ruining my quiet illusion I had painted for myself to enjoy. 'Whatever, lets go then,' I called back. We raced home where all my boys and Arya were sitting out around the pool waiting for me adn Ray, all well aware of how pissed i was at Ray. Ray and I used to be close at one time, we were inseperable up until that one day about two years ago!


"Hey Ray, let's go for a run," I yelled up the stairs knowing he would hear me even if i whispered it. Not even 2 minuted later Ray came jogging down all decked out in his running gear. See I hadn't phased yet 'yes i am a werewolf' so i had to actually run, which i didn't have a problem with. I loved running up until tonight. See because i hadn't phased i had no one to run with, males phase young, while females on the other hand didn't phase until we turned 15, i only had two months left. *YAY ME* So i awalys worried about who i was going to run with until one day Ray told me he would run and time i wanted i just had to ask. So here we are running along the pond a few miles from the house when out of no where Ray just stops, i would have stopped to see what was up but instead i ran straight into a rock hard object it couldn't be a tree cause Ray would have laughed. No, i ran straight into a tall blonde hair, green eyed man with the perfect body, i would be the one to know i was still touching his bare chest! What confused me the most though was when i tried to move away he still had a hold on my arm and wouldn't let go. I could here Ray telling him not to hurt me. The last thing i remember was hearing the voice tell my brother he would never hurt his mate then everything was black! i woke up sometime later with pain in my neck, and my lower pelvic area, i knew that i had been raped but not by who! from that day on i had a mark on my neck that only Hunter and his mate have but when i ask about it everyone says i'll find out in dew time!

* end flashback*


Sven's POV

I saw Benni come running into the backyard, but before anyone could say or do anything she ran into the house up to her room and slammed the door while she let her tears fall. There wasn't anything anyone could do besides wait it out. Everyone knew she still had the memory of being raped we had Ansley to prove that she was almost two now and has never met her father, all she has is us and her mom who loves her dearly!

*Ray's POV*

" Damn it i was so close she was so relaxed then i ruined it, i going to kill Nate when he comes back for her tomorrow" i yelled/ whispered, Benni still had no idea who he was only that he was her mate and she had his baby!

*Benni's POV*

"Shhhh, Ansley mommas here!" i lulled to my baby girl as this was the fifth time this week she had woken up crying for her day which i still didn't know anything about to tell my baby! it breaks my heart not being able to tell Ans who her dad is and wondering if she'll ever meet him she's almost two now what if she never meets him!

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Hayden Panettiereas Benni
Channing Tatumas Nate
Emma Stoneas Viv
Alex Evansas Sven
Alex Merazas Cloud
Jessica Albaas Arya
Chris Evansas Ray
Megan Foxas Laci
AnnaSophia Robbas Auroura Sue

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