Hi! I'm Sammi, and here's a little bit about me.
I'm short. I have brown eyes with HUGE eyelashes, and wavy brown hair that needs a lot of work to look nice.
I strongly believe in the saying follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
Some of my favorite authors are Sarah Addison Allen, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Sophie Kinsella.
I love shopping. My whole family has this word association thing going on, where the mall is synonymous with my name. It's like anything shopping or clothes related makes them automatically think of me.
I've been accused of being mainstream (because my music tastes run to Top 40 songs, and I shop at Urban Outfitters a lot), but I'm cool with that.
Icecream makes the world a better place, and so does chocolate, but chocolate ice cream is absolutely gross to me.
And finally, I am grateful to every person who took the time to read, comment on, vote for and fan me for my stories. I never expected the kind of support and encouragement I've received here, and I like to think I've become a better writer for it. Thank you!
xo Sammi

READING REQUESTS need to go in the special post under My Works. I read the stories in the order of the request, so if you put it anywhere except there, I guarantee you I will forget about it.
Also, if you're fanning me hoping that I will fan you back, please don't. I will be more than happy to check out your work, when I get the time, and if you are an amazing writer, trust me, I will fan you, no prompting necessary.

INTERVIEW: Tianajade was awesome enough to interview me...go to tianajade.webs.com and click on the interviews link on the left panel.
AND hbanana7642 wrote a review on EWB, check it out at http://www.wattpad.com/1311963-enemies-with-benefits

Thanks for reading all of this! Hope you have a wonderful day! - S
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@Crazinessunleashed No it's not the last! Dont you think I'd say something like "this is the last chapter" if it were?!? Lol I have plenty more to makethe story longer :) and new upload...ummm idk pr...
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