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So, My reviews are officially kickstarting, and will be posted in a story called "Officially Done" Officially Done" consists of reviews, interviews, rants and pretty much anything else you can think of, It's kind of like a journal/magazine. But I'll tell you right now, some readers/viewers will probably disagree, or get offended by some of the junk I say on there. So if you get offended easily, I would be weary about reading.

List of Reviewees

1.) iLoveTed- Done_(9 parts, 18 pgs,)

2.) cassandrab15- Done_(18 parts, 19pgs)

3.) WistfulWrites- Reading_(6 parts, 15pgs)

4.) Next_JK_Rowling- Pending_(5 parts, 10pgs)

5.) Toxic_Wonderland- Pending_(2 parts, 6pgs)

6.) DareYouToMovee- Pending_(3pages)

7.) heysaleena- Pending_(4pages).

^Oh! Lucky #7, I'm closing the official list for now, (only cause I like the number 7). You can still message me for a review but, There will be no guarantee that you will get one.
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Description: Want a review? Wanna Read a Rant or two? (Wow. That kind of rhymed!) Then check out Officially Done. It's my own little collection of Reviews, Interviews, Rants, and anything else you can think of! Kind of like a journal/magazine (But not.) *Warnin...

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Hello!!!! Would you mind checking out my story like father like daughter and letting me know what you think? I really don't know if I should continue to write it or not so please check it out and let me know what you think! Comment and vote! Thank you! :)
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'Rent is a movie/play, that has a song called 'Seasons of Love'. The lyrics of the song were pretty much in your summary (only the 525,600 minutes part, But it was like the first thing I thought of). And, Hm. Honestly, I'm not to sure, I'm not to great with making summaries myself, but I think if you decide to redo it, it should be something that's short, sweet, and to the point. At least for this story.