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1) My favorite YouTube users are PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and nigahiga & HigaTV

2) I love my fans.

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Hey guys,
There are over 20,000 of you, so I know I haven't gotten a chance to message all of you. I just wanted to say that even if I don't know you, I really freaking love you. You guys say some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me before. You guys make me feel proud of who I am and make me believe in what it is I do. Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today. I love you guys, and I really wanted to just thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Every fan, every comment, every read, every vote means the world to me. So thank you all.

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Book 1: A Bet Gone Wrong

Book 2: A Promise Gone Wrong

Book 3: A Year Gone Wrong
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A Year Gone Wrong

Social data: 5.2M reads. 79.7K votes. 59.7K comments.

Description: Book 3 of the "Gone Wrong" Series Cameron has lost his only love, his dad, and risked losing his best friends. Just one summer turned his entire life around. Things only seem to get worse as senior year kicks off. Rebecca is dating and making someth...

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A Bet Gone Wrong

A Bet Gone Wrong

3.3M 30.5K 8K

This book only goes up to Chapter Three. It is undergoing editing so that it can enter the publishing pr...

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A Promise Gone Wrong

A Promise Gone Wrong

5.8M 97.6K 70.5K

Book 2 of the "Gone Wrong" Series "One thing I will promise though, is that I won't ever stop loving him...

IkishiniI posted a message to xXTheBelieverXx
i realy like your books. its Amazing how you write a story. I really want to know when you are going to update the next chapter. Iknow you have a busy live even outside wattpad. but its been 6 months already! that still onhold! i know your busy. with all the Respect... but i (maybe all of us). just want to know when you going to update! An Release Date maybe hulpfull. i want to know do we have t wait a day, week or another 6 months!
Hey guys! I am still alive, still doing well, still super busy. 
      I've moved out of my parents home for school at UMSL (University of Missouri - St. Louis) and school has started so I am swamped with homework. And when I am not doing that I am very active in my church because the people there mean everything to me. 
      I've not abandoned my books! Although I know it doesn't seem like it. I think about this story all the time and you guys know how much I love my characters. One of the things that has stopped me from continuing AYGW so far is because I haven't written in so long that I feel like the quality of what I'd write for you guys now wouldn't be nearly as good as what it was before I disappeared. So I keep psyching (think I spelt that right) myself out of writing because I don't think I'm good enough (AHHH). I've lost my skillz guys!
      I will try to give you guys more (basically I will try to finish) AYGW before I take all the books down from the site to be re-written (edited). The books aren't published yet (for those of you who ask). I am so encouraged to hear you guys want to buy the books. You all are the best. 
      Many of you were my friends (Wattpad was my life) before I actually obtained a social life outside of my laptop, so I owe you guys at least a finished book 3 I totally agree. 
      Thanks for you patience, concern and support. You guys have always been there for me!
radiahw posted a message to xXTheBelieverXx
      okay I looove your books. like really.
      I never read incomplete books but once I started reading I couldn't stop. Now I'm just waiting here patiently for your next update... its been so loong . If something's wrong and you need some cheering up your fans are here for you ❤ 
No updates were made.  She just made dedications for several chapters.  I, for one, am not happy.  Dedications are all fine and good, but 6 months??  Really, 6 months??  Maybe authors should finish a book before uploading any chapters.