Hi, hi! I'm Rosemary,
I love reading, I'm pretty boring and I spend to much time inside. I'm not very good at describing myself so I wont even try but I have always wanted to be a writer, I always began stories but never finished them nevertheless I'm going to try really hard to finish the ones I've recently started. I adore poetry even though I'm not very good at writing it and feel free to give me constructive advice!
Love Rosie xo
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    Jun 25, 2012 04:27PM
willlowtrees willlowtrees Jan 14, 2013 08:34PM
updated both my stories!! Finally overcome my writers block yay xo
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Description: Norah is a patient of a Juvenile ward at a Psychiatric Hospital.She spends most of her time meditating and trying to help other patients with their problems. But when gorgeous Dylan arrives and things start ge...


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