it rains in the ocean all of the time. one can only ever see this if one swims open eyed and unafraid, wide awake and very aware, near the floor of the sea.  and upside down. or right side up. (depending on how one views upside down and right side up) if one can imagine millions of drops, think of that. then think of each and every one being a different size. the largest drops are roughly, just very roughly, the size of a pralto. and also that shape. the smallest drops are in fact not drops, they are grains of sea sand. now imagine every one of them to be a different colour. each and every (differently sized) seadrop of  millions of seadrops, and of which some are grains of sand and some the size and shape of praltos, are each single one, a different colour! when i sometimes zwazsh slowly through the salty water, just a foot above the ocean floor and i watch these seadrops sifting straight down before my eyes in slow motion to disappear into the sand, i know that i am in ocean heaven. where else can rain be so pretty? and so tasty...! i turn on my back and float slowly, so slowly upside down (or is it right side up) and put my tongue out. all seadrops smaller than a lightningcluster, taste like sherbet. when it lands with audible but distorted 'plops' on my tongue, i feel small electric shocks and some delightfully sour electric barbs tasting of lime. taste changes with the seasons. lime is a summer flavor. in winter the seadrops explode in warm and thick milky chocolate and banana splats onto my tongue. spring brings passion-fruit balls and autumn has me opening my mouth in a very fishy way, for the grapey flavours that refresh me so. (it is unbelievable how many humans believe that fishes open and close their mouths perpetually, to let water in and then out through their gills, for oxygen or something. or so i am told, they believe) all seadrops larger than a lightningcluster, contain a gift. no one will ever guess what they are, but i'll tell you...each one contai
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seasofme seasofme Oct 21, 2017 08:02AM
i liked this so much. like a circular poem, something that turns into itself, but goes its own way too, to turn into itself again...
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