she swam out of the cave when she heard a nearby thump. it seemed to come from behind the rock that aqualb had put there for visitors to rest on. the small accompanying rock table was laid for breakfast. obviously for her and the sea shadow. anchovy were guarding the snacks so that the mischievous pirannahs would not pinch them. she swam around the rock and looked in amazement at the figure lying on the ocean floor. he was dressed in a night gown of peppermint colour, much like the bubbly insides of a peppermint crisp slab of chocolate. and bubbles were indeed escaping from his lips. but much larger ones than the inside of the chocolate was made of. she swam nearer and lifted his hand. she saw a ring tattooed around his thumb and another around his index finger. she had seen the pattern of the thumb 'ring' before. it consisted of even, cursive written 'c's. like very simple waves, the way they were drawn by small children on paper in an art class. these were very dark green like the packet of perilly's cigarettes used to be, what felt like hundreds of years ago. she had arguments with her then university friends saying the carton was green, like one's tongue after eating licorice. they said it was black. this pattern was that very dark green colour. the other ring had a pattern that reminded her of the nike tick she had seen on land and it was extremely white against his already white forefinger. she let go of his hand and again looked at the bubbles from his mouth. they were in the shape of an O, like a circle. she frowned and watched it rise, a perfect shaped O, until it disappeared from sight. her eyes caught the next ones disappearing from view. they were letters! there was the O and a perfect N, followed by an L and a Y. ONLY. she now concentrated on his lips. the next letters were S, E and A. and then the word FLOXIES. she knew floxies were the tiny purple pearls that all the lady ink fishes had to take once a doldy or they didn't make ink for writing in wate
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