when she looked again there were no more rainbows there. instead she saw a tree. on it grew baby fish. she swam nearer to see what else it was that caught her eye. there were chameleons growing too. they had small glass beads for eyes and she could see that inside their tiny eyes were smaller beads, all precious stones. she picked up a small lollipop snail and held it out to the chameleon that hung by its tail before her eyes. it very slowly extended its tongue and coiled it ever so carefully around the snail's thin, smooth neck. the snail did not flinch. it had a look of disdain on its handsome snail face, like it was thinking: oh please, just try to eat me...just try...go on! the chameleon must have sensed that this was not a good meal, because it rolled its tongue up slowly and methodically and put it away in its bitty jaws somewhere. she saw there were many sea animals growing on the branches. there were seahorses who seemed to be chewing noodled seahorse cud. on one huge branch hung a fish nest. a myriad of fishies were moving in and out of it, never venturing too far. she knew what these were. when lady fish had little ones but were eaten by suckta, these babies were tended to in the fishorphas. a fishorpha could have as many as a walid of little ones. they all had to be fed. she swam to a rock-ha-mock and made herself comfortable. she felt thirsty and wiggled her finnacle. its bell brought a handsome specimen to her side almost instantly. he shimmered his scales outrageously and she smiled at him. the bubbles in the water turned silver and green. these he-fishes weren't backwards in coming forwards. one he-fish had told her: i dedicate all my poems to you, in my head. she smiled, it was such a pretty thing to say to her, one of the nicest. the other boy fish sent her pictures. sad ones and sweet ones. one said she was his love. and one he-fish said he'd be sushi for her. now that just won her blue blooded heart then. but she also knew he tested her sometimes t
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it is easier to fight for principles than to live up to them - alfred adlerthis is especially evident on wp. ;p
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parallax /ˈpærəˌlæks/ noun 1. an apparent change in the position of an object resulting from a change in position of the observer 2. an apparent shift in the position of an object, such as a star, caused by a cha...
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