sand through my toes. dry, warm sand, soft and sliding. my feet wriggle deeper into that exquisite heat. i'm laying back in the camping chair. its metal legs are deeply embedded in the loose white sand. slightly tilted back. my neck rests on the backrest of canvas. it forms a perfect little hammock for my head. everything is warm. not hot. just warm. like toast on a cold morning. like a hot water bottle when there is frost on the car window outside. like your shirt you gave me to put on after you’d worn it. i feel the sand on top of my feet and the rays caressing my shins and my knees. my knee caps are glowing. i love it. i rest my hands on my thighs and they are cooler than the skin on my legs. this makes my arms break out in goose bumps. the sea breeze stirs and the sun once more continues to snuggle up. i can feel her exploring my throat and i touch the skin there with the back of my hand. cooler hands too. hollows seem to become warmer than anywhere else. back of knees, inside elbows and the hollow of my throat. i keep my eyes closed against the sun. my lids are warm; i feel my cheeks toasting in pleasure. even my hair feels sunny. this is well-being by temperature and it makes me heavy with sun satisfaction. i lift my lids and for a few seconds the sky before my eyes is a silvery gold as my pupils adjust to the light. the guava juice is thick and red and the ice makes white rectangular squares in the thickness. i don't like wide straws but in this pulpy juice it is perfect. i take the longest sip and the mealy liquid tastes like an icy stream. i am so thirsty. i place the goblet on the cooler. the breakers are frisky and energetic. the sun is straight ahead of me. i lean back and prop my neck into its place in my chair. moving my bum down i stretch out my legs. i extend my arms as far as i can along the arm rests and turn my wrists outward. the insides are pale. i wait for the sun to make love to my face . i feel her already busy with the rest of my body while
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Description: parallax /ˈpærəˌlæks/ noun 1. an apparent change in the position of an object resulting from a change in position of the observer 2. an apparent shift in the position of an object, such as a star, caused by a change in the observer's position that...

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i know only too well, sloanie. :((( i believe these things u speak of will come and will happen and there is nothing u or i could ever do about it, but until such time as i cannot have this beautiful continent in the way i have it now, i will enjoy it as much as i can. people will want electricity, because the trees are going-going-gone, sloanie and solar power seems the best choice. u or i cannot stop the process.