i’ve studied the octopus plural (correct plural is octopodes, though octopuses probably works better in english. octopi is from that mistaken assumption that ‘-us’ in this word is the latin noun-ending that takes ‘-i’ in plural) and even in zebrain it is octopodes or octopuses; zebra octopodes (not octopus zebras, for that would change evolution and even though we could do that, both you and i know, we should rather not). truth is, i do not need more octopodes than you and your octos. your eight legs/arms/hands/extensions are more than adequate for me, as i am hardly a handful, even. i do realize that a feeding arm, a bathing arm, a cuddling arm and a gift-bearing arm makes me a privileged zebra girl on the savannah. but can i help it? it makes you happy, i know that much. and i am a grateful wench. you know that. i love every arm you have and then some. i know your dna is alien, so at least we have something in common, besides our deep appreciation for one another. oh, ….and we both swim so well. i have never seen an octopus in the ogondala region (i suspect, neither have the cangprasangt  – imagine their surprise). this will be the first time an ocean dweller has traveled all that way. in some ways it is must be easier for me, i have legs that run. maybe you can run too? i am just assuming you will be slower than myself…but that is very presumptuous of me. of course i could carry you, but you will not let me, i know that! you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to let me. you’re the one with thirty-three thousand genes! ten thousand more than those humans… and probably tens of thousands more than i have! the ogondala is a delta with all sorts living there. and i cannot account for their behaviour. maybe i should rather move to the ocean with you. would you like that? i could bring my own plastic leg-wings to swim with, at first. (i’ll not put them on all four legs again…don’t laugh) will you love a zebra whose only brightness is in her stripes? i know your suckers can tast
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never feel u have to say you're sorry for what u write. it's your writing. be proud of it. if it comes from your heart, it is the most important thing. if u feel u have room to improve, of course u should. but your poems are yours. love them. :)))