sweet neptune

i love your fork.

i think you're extremely good to look at. and i love your beard! i cannot seem to get your shiny, muscular tail out of my mind! i am, quite frankly, besotted with you. i watched you once from the window of my lighthouse, being escorted by thousands and thousands of sea horses. the way you answered the questions of the common fishes, the way you spoke to the sea animals and gave each one a fair turn to speak to you, from the huge whale to the tiny anchovy, just touched my heart. u did not fear the great white shark, in fact, she looked rather smitten with you too, if i may say so. (i think you should be careful though, don't get too comfortable around that fitch!) your smile is warm and kind. and your voice is beautiful and deep, like yourself. if you visited me, i would have you read to me from my many books i have lining my lighthouse home from floor to very high ceiling! (do you have many books too?) i have thirteen very, very large fireplaces that heat up my home and make it cozy to be in and welcoming. i would go and show you my home on lake como too, if you'd like to see it. i suggest you do. i think with all the palaces you may have, you will not find lovelier homes than my summer home and my winter home. i would like you to come and have a look. (if you dare) unfortunately you will have to make your own bed every morning, but i will have breakfast prepared for you. i always have a variety of ocean fruit: sea melon, ocean pears, shell apples and deepwater grapes. oh, and conch yoghurt and an ocean floor muesli mix. and to top that, pearl cherries! you will certainly not go hungry.

i will be sending this letter in a bottle. i will send opening instructions in a separate one, a smaller one, but by dolphin mail, so that it reaches you well in advance and you can prepare yourself for my letter. you would like to bathe before you read it, i know. thank you for being so considerate.

keep wet and well

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