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This is the official profile for the LGBTQ+ community on Wattpad.

LGBTQ+ stands for:
The "+" stands for everything else, including (but not limited to) Intersex, Asexual, Aromantic, and Pansexual.

We hope to build this into an inclusive hub for you to discover, share, connect, and celebrate LGBTQ+ stories and characters.
Inclusion and support are our pillars. Everyone is welcome in this community, however you identify.

LGBTQ+ Book of the Month

The LGBTQ+ Book of the Month is an initiative organized by our team. You can read all about it, and how to suggest your favourite book, here.
Previous LGBTQ+ Book of the Month winners can be found here.

Reading Lists

More information on our reading lists, and how to submit a story, can be found here.

The current reading lists are:
+ Bisexual
+ Trans
+ GenderQueer
+ Asexual/Aromantic
+ WomanxWoman
+ GirlxGirl Teen Fiction
+ ManxMan
+ BoyxBoy Teen Fiction
+ Wicked Little Creatures (LGBTQ+paranormal/supernatural)
+ Other Worlds (LGBTQ+fantasy/scific)
+ Thrillseekers (LGBTQ+horror/mystery/thriller)
+ LGBTQ+ Short Stories
+ Non-Fiction


Please do not advertise your works on the profile wall.
Posts that do so will be removed.
Sharing/promoting of user-run contests is allowed.

Thanks, the LGBTQ+ Team ♥


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