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Hopeless To Change

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Description: What is the definition of Sessile Casanova? How about someone who is disrespectful, rebellious, rude and uncaring, promiscuous and stubborn. She gets out of control week by week, and her mother is desperate to do whatever it takes to get her once-wa...

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Can't Help The Way I Feel

Can't Help The Way I Feel

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"I know you're in love with me." "Oh my god Mason. So I kissed you back... and now you automatically a...

Another Badboy Story (SPOOF)

Another Badboy Story (SPOOF)

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Enter OceanaMarie Anastasia Rosewood. She's the good girl. Meet Liam Blake Clyde. He's the "badboy." B...

Snow Black (ON HOLD)

Snow Black (ON HOLD)

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Stephanie Black has always been teased for her dorky looks, goody-two shoes lifestyle, and sensitive emo...

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on. But I'm revisiting my drive to write again... I know it's been years but I'm ready. I used those years to experience life, so now what I write will have an authentic approach, where I'm not writing based from great observation of other people's experiences, but now I can incorporate my own, into some of my characters issues, cuz my life was an unbelivable rollercoster. Anyways, for now I'm going to focus on, "Can't Help The Way I Fee"
      Hopeless to Change... I have to re-edit a lot of that juvenile writing.
      Stay tuned for "Can't Help The Way I Feel" A lovestory about a girl in love with her best friend, but she fakes her sexual orientation and pretends to play the lesbian role. :):)
      <3 If you wanna give it a chance, take a look it would mean a whole lot to me. I only have 2 chapters up, but I already wrote out the next 2 or 3 just waiting to be uploaded, but I just need you guys to give me a chance. :/

“Do you think I’m going to start teasing you, making you have to maintain a straight face so we don’t get caught? So your girl doesn’t catch you getting pleased by another woman while she’s right…nex...
Thats something id say if my ex that i still love, and he still loves me, ever moved on, no one can come between our chemistry. :-)