Nerd Alert [BXB]✓ by saintc
Nerd Alert [BXB]✓ by ѕaιnт calιendo Humor
Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tu...
baby | drarry by malfoyis
baby | drarry by ˗ˋˏ ayaϟ ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
It's been 8 years since Harry and Draco split up. Both marrying other people, both now with children of their own, they do not speak of the ongoings that happened at...
stars by freyyyaa
stars by - ̗̀ freya ̖́- Poetry
i feel like people are leaving me and i don't know why. © 2017 freyyyaa
When Best Friends Kiss (Complete✔) by Lena-Presents
When Best Friends Kiss (Complete✔) by Lena Teen Fiction
Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they met at age seven. As the years pass, Liam is always there to protect Alex from bullies. Alex is constan...
The Truth (Camren) by CchickenNnuggets
The Truth (Camren) by 00Nuggets Fanfiction
"Nobody knows the truth" --------- After Lauren is accused of almost murdering a teenage boy she is sent to juvie. When she is finally let out, an old friend...
Girls Talk [Girl x Girl] by tennasmith
Girls Talk [Girl x Girl] by Nia Romance
When two enemies from high-school are picked to be university roommates, both are left feeling they have been dealt some serious bad luck. When they're told they can no...
wrong number ; jack gilinsky by simplyomaha
wrong number ; jack gilinsky by anita 🦄 Fanfiction
in which a wrong number turns into endless interactions between a girl and her crush, without him knowing. (not just a text book) lowercase intended © all rights reserve...
SARAHAH • PHAN by space kid Fanfiction
hey, you looked cute today! hopefully your day goes well. i love you! <33 SAFE STORY. © pj, 2017.
Better Sorry than Safe by esyoung
Better Sorry than Safe by Eden Teen Fiction
Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields...
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by livinginarainbowland
Loving Mrs Archer (GirlXGirl) by livinginarainbowland Romance
TeacherXStudent Mara leads a strange life, without many adult influences, or friends she can confide in. She has just turned 17 and is starting a new college, but on her...
Midge the Neko - Boyxboy (Intro) by SDAdams
Midge the Neko - Boyxboy (Intro) by Hello :) Romance
**The full story is published on Amazon, the link is in my profile.** Scott finds an odd boy who needs his help. Midge turns out to be much, much more than meets the...
Rants Of A Salty Hufflepuff [ RANDOM STUFF ] by -interstellars
Rants Of A Salty Hufflepuff [ RAND... by ❝ losers club ❞ Random
Let's get one thing straight...I'm not [ RANTS AND SHIT ] [ MAINLY SHIT ] [ BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT ] [ CURRENTLY ON SEASON SIX ]
Shoshone Station: The Galactic Consortium season 2 by RJEliason
Shoshone Station: The Galactic Con... by R. J. Eliason Science Fiction
Less than a year ago, they arrived over earth's sky. They call themselves the Galactic Consortium and they are human, or at least, simian - from the same genetic line as...
Smart Girl by cleverwren
Smart Girl by wren Non-Fiction
thoughts from the smart girl. //the journal of lilia bingham// //highest rank #2 in non fiction// //all names of real people interacted with here are altered from...
Cover Shop (OPEN) by peachspit
Cover Shop (OPEN) by slug Random
Details inside. 2016-
Sanders Sides One Shots by NWTBWarfstache
Sanders Sides One Shots by Daniel Fanfiction
Updates: Random I take all requests into account. *DOES CONTAIN TRIGGERING CONTENT* I do not write smut, please don't ask for any. Enjoy! (Not completed❌)
Extra Ordinary by helennox
Extra Ordinary by Helen Teen Fiction
Superheroes. How can you hate them? They keep the bad guys at bay, they add a little mystery to the world but most importantly, they smell nice... The story of an ordina...
Never Kiss Your Roommate (girlxgirl & boyxboy) by writing00introvert
Never Kiss Your Roommate (girlxgir... by Philline Teen Fiction
''Ever kissed a girl?" ''No.'' ''Ever wanted to?'' ''Every time I look at you.'' Unwritten Rule No. 1 at any boarding school is to never ki...
The Not So Super Hero by Twoony
The Not So Super Hero by Twoony Action
Zane Levitt hated troublesome things and by troublesome he meant anything and everything that required anything more than average mental or physical effort. Living a med...
LGBTQ+ Problems  by Xx_Calamity_xX
LGBTQ+ Problems by Daddy_Ham Humor
Highest Rank: #42 in Humor A list of problems you most likely go through if your a part of the LGBTQ+ community. This includes some stories I'll share as well.